Clean Sweep at Minn Kota MegaBREAM 2007
  |  First Published: June 2007

The sun shone over the township of Forster for the Minn Kota MegaBREAM event where 29 teams battled it out for over $20,000 in cash and prizes.

Darren Borg and Kris Hickson of team TT Lures/Natfin Finance created history by winning both days with a 20/20, 11.23kg bag. They collected $4500 each day in a memorable MegaBREAM event that was dedicated to the memory of the late Dave Irvine.

Session 1
1st/$4500: TT Lures/Natfin Finance, 10/10, 6.27kg

Working the bottom end of the system early, targeting structure including the bridge, washboards and steep banks, the team drifted Berkley 2” Shrimp on 1/16 TT jigheads to accumulate their bag by 10am.

Moving to the lake’s weedbeds to upgrade, Borg and Hickson chose to throw Zipbait hard-bodied lures in khamsin colour 509. Varying their retrieves Borg lifted the rod tip to work the lure, then dropped the rod tip and wind in the slack. Using braid and leader, he was able to strike aggressively and set the hooks to bring his bream to the boat.

Hickson chose to fish 3lb Genoa Finesse Approach line straight through on a Daiwa Emeraldas, the lighweight reel suiting the constant casting style. His rod choice was a Daiwa Cielo with a titanium tip allowing him to feel little bites and work the action of his lures.

They moved to weedbeds to upgrade 14 times including 1.08kg bream poled into boat over washboards.

2nd/$2500: Forster Beach Caravan Park, 9/10, 5.76kg

Adam Ward and John Startin fished the Green Point area snaring their bream on the weedbeds with scattered sand patches.

Fishing drop-offs from 2ft to 6ft of water, the team used the shallow diving Jackall Chubbies in brown fugi shrimp colour. Mixing up the retrieve Startin used a slow wind technique while Ward would twitch and pause.

Ward used straight through 4lb Sunline Basic fluorocarbon in the clear water.

3rd/$1500: Beyond Elite/Labsport, 10/10, 5.02kg

The pair of Ross Lamotte and Chris Martin fished three spots they had marked at the top of the Paddock.

Using Gulp Minnows in pumpkinseed and Berkley 2” Shrimp in natural rigged on a 1/16 jighead, they drifted with the current in 3m of water to fill their bag.

They used Ecogear SX40s when drifting over shallow reef to score a few bream.

Session 2
1st/$4500: TT Lures/Natfin Finance, 10/10, 4.96kg

Using the same tactics as the previous day, the team moved to the weedbeds to get just the ten legal fish on the green and black Zipbaits.

“With no tidal influence, we relied on the moon to fall before moving spots. The falling moon would prompt the bream to bite and arriving there at the right time was crucial,” Borg explained.

Getting one fish per drift, it was important for them to continually change the line of drift.

2nd/$2500:Central Coast 4x4 Wreckers/Coastline Roofing, 10/10, 4.69kg

Team mates Darren Georgeston and Ricky Cooper returned to the Minn Kota Megabucks after a podium finish last year. They weren’t disappointed and finished in second place overall.

Fishing the flats south of Earl Island in 1.2m of water, the guys used Jackall Chubbies in shrimp colour and Rebel Crawfish hard-bodied lures in coke bottle colour to tempt their ten bream.

They used long casts and if there were no bites in the clear water after a few cranks, they would wind in and cast again.

3rd/$1500 + $2500 Big Bream: Barclay Marine, 8/10, 4.20kg

Locals Peter McKinnon and Max Frost fished the Coomba Park area of the western shore flats in 1m of water to accumulate their bag.

With the early morning westerly putting a slight ripple on surface, the pair used the breeze to extend their long casts. Using shallow diving Jackall Chubbies in clear/transparent colours, they cast long distances so as not to spook the fish.

Max Frost scored the 1.35kg Big Bream on an Ecogear CK40 in the Forster special colour. Using this buoyant lure the trick was to keep the rod tip low to the water with a short jerk, small pause technique.

“Keeping the lure in the zone longer allowed the surrounding bream in the area to come to the lure,” Frost explained.

When the wind changed the team would change drift to the opposite direction.

With several Minn Kota giveaways and the Reef Science Tank on the foreshore, the crowds gathered to gain all the tips from the anglers as well as check out some of the latest gear from the Berkley and Shimano camps.

With several BREAM Classic events lined up over the next couple of weekends including the Gold Coast Minibucks, Lake Macquarie Classic and the Clarence CATI Classic, anglers should be all geared up for the next Super Series on the Hawkesbury on May 25-27.

To find all the action log onto www.bream.com.au. - ABT

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