Yellas biting baits as water clears
  |  First Published: November 2014

The river has been running a bit dirty around Mildura for the past month or so, making lure fishing very difficult in the main parts.

Fortunately though, water clarity is improving, which should see lures work better. In the mean time we have seen some nice yellowbelly caught on bait.

Yellowbelly are coming on the bite around Mildura due to the warmer water temperatures and weather we have been experiencing lately. As the sun continues to shine, more and more of these fish will be caught particularly easily below the locks and weir structures. It is not unusual to see yellowbelly activity at a high around spring time and once the water clears up we’ll be set for a bumper yellowbelly summer.

Fishing with bait around most places near Mildura has been the best way to pick up a yella or two lately, particularly around Hattah. Baits that are working the best are shrimp and worms, even though live shrimp are still difficult to find, but the warmer weather should bring them out as the season goes on. It’s great to be able to take the family down the river for a few hours on a weekend and bag a few yellas and have some fun catching large carp on light gear.

Backwaters have been producing some good yellas, particularly around snag piles and in eddy currents. Even though water clarity has been poor, a slowly-worked lipless crankbait or small hardbody in the right spot has seen a few fish caught. Tying up to a snag to throw lures along the bank and slowly retrieve them is also a good method.

Murray cod season will once again open very soon and is set to be a cracker of a season with some very nice cod caught right up until the close in late August. In the meantime, anglers should not be targeting Murray cod in any way to allow them to nest without disturbing the breeding chain. Most anglers around Mildura will be waiting for summer when the cod season to officially opens again. By then, waters should be back in their banks and we should see a Murray cod season like no other.

Redfin should also come on the bite and are fun to catch on light gear using soft plastics and blades.

This summer should also be a cracker for surface fishing, especially in the shallow waters of local billabongs and creeks. Fly-casting is a great method of surface fishing as you can present really small lures in hard-to-reach spots.

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