Noosa a top spot this month
  |  First Published: October 2014

The Noosa and Maroochy Rivers will be firing up this month with some good bread and butter species coming on the chew.


Flathead will be about in good numbers as they make their way down river to spawn, look for those shallow banks on the run out tide as this will be prime territory for a big mama flathead to hang out, and where there is big mumma there will be lots of smaller males vying for her attention. The best plan of attack is to position your boat at the edge of the channel casting up onto the banks.

You need to time your run for the last couple of hours of the run out tide, cast your lures in a scatter pattern over the bank and if you hook up, continue to cast to the same spot. This time of the year flathead are very social creatures and where there is one there will often be more. If you have no luck simply move up the bank. We have found that the best results are on soft plastic style lures like the Z-mans and Berkley Gulps with the brighter colours being the most successful, heavier jigheads are the key as you want to make sure that you are staying in close contact to the bottom all the way back to the boat.

Spring also means the arrival of warmer days and warmer water and with this the arrival of the mangrove jack season. Jacks are one of the great sport fish and are plentiful in both the Noosa and Maroochy rivers. There are a variety of ways to target these fish and one of mine is to be up nice and early and head up river looking for those snags and drop offs where a hungry jack loves to sit. The run out tide is best with the fish they are feeding on coming down the river.

This is a great time to get a baitcaster outfit out so you can get those lures in nice and close to bank to be in the strike zone, if you are too far off the mark you will not be able to temp Mr Jack away from his snag.

As the sun gets a little higher in the sky it’s time to switch to trolling as the fish tend to move to the deeper water to feed. The Cultiva Savoy Shads and the River2Sea Live Minnows are a couple of my favourites and have been responsible for more than a few nice captures in the past.

Tailor and trevally are also about with GTs, diamonds, cale cales, big eyes and golden trevally are eager to take a lure or bait. Woods Bays in Noosa comes alive early mornings with tailor and trevally keen to pounce on a well-presented lure, but if you want some real excitement try tying on a surface lure. ZBL Skinny pops or Lucky Craft Sammy 65s are the go if you want to get into some fast surface action. These lures are best fished with a side to side motion with your rod tip to really get the lure working, also keep any eye out for any type of bust ups or bait flickering on the surface as these are signs of predatory fish in the area.

If you don’t know where to start and want to try soft plastics or surface fishing Drop into Davo’s Tackle World Noosa and we will hook you up with one of the team who will teach you all you need to know.

On the beach there are some nice gutters scattered along the Noosa’s North Shore with tailor and good-sized jew on the chew. Some good catches of jew will also come from the river mouth at this time of year. Tailor and jewies will also make there presents felt around Point Arkwright and all the way down to the mouth of Maroochy River.

The low light periods are the best time to target these fish with the odd night fish well worth the effort. Some of my favourite baits for jewfish are either fresh mullet or some local squid. Use larger baits at night, as this is the best time to tangle with those larger fish over a meter.


September and October is usually some of the best weather for the year and the blue water brigade will be out in force.

The snapper are increasing in numbers at Chardons and North reefs with the odd cobia and plenty of small pearlies thrown in.

Over at Sunshine reef the coral trout are about with the odd extra-large fish among them.

Tuna action has dominated in the bay and with some fantastic sessions just outside the river mouth. Look for the bird activity and you will usually find these missiels of the sea attacking from underneath.

One of my favourite spots to fish offshore at this time of year is the Barwon Banks; and with the east side of the middle stretch being 80-90m, you will usually find this area loaded with big pearlies and snapper at this time of the year. Anglers tend to fish this spot mostly with big soft plastics and jigs. Find the wire weed and you will find the fish.

Chicko is our resident expert in all things offshore, so come in and have a chat and we will hopefully get you onto the fish.

For all the latest information log onto www.fishingnoosa.com.au for up to date bar and fishing reports and don’t forget to drop into Davo’s Tackle World Noosa or Davo’s Northshore Bait & Tackle at Marcoola to find out where the fish are biting, and remember tight lines and bent spines!

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