Bostock jigs to win
  |  First Published: October 2014

Peter Bostock claimed victory in the 2nd Haswing BASS Electric Major of the 2013 Bluefin Boats BASS Electric Series with the 42year old BCF Manager fishing a deep water ice jig approach to catch his fish.

Fishing a 16m deep timbered area of Moogerah, Bostock filled his limit early, catching his bag by 8am and then finding a red-hot patch around 11am that blew everything he knew about bass fishing out the water.

“We’d catch the occasional fish, then we found this tree with our side scan that was simply loaded with fish. We caught one fish and that just fired them up, and the action was insane until we left them biting to head back to the weigh-in,” explained Bostock.

Bostock’s technique to catch his bass was textbook ice jig fishing, with the Moogerah champion finding the fish on his sounder and then dropping his ice jig straight down and working it with a lift and drop retrieve.

“Initially the fish would eat the lure on the sink back down, but once they really fired up it didn’t mater how you worked it, they’d eat it, and eat it at any part of the retrieve,” explained Bostock.

The bass blitzkrieg delivered Bostock 20 fish, while the two companions he had fishing with him both caught over 15 fish each!

While the bass were aggressive to say the least, they did exercise a level of discern in the lures they ate.

“One lure stood out, an orange coloured Rapala Jigging Rap. We only had one of them, so we all took turns catching fish on it then passed it to the next guy in the boat,” Bostock said.

That bass-slaying Rapala eventually got towed home by a bass that Pete just couldn’t stop.

With the victory, Bostock secured a $300 Haswing vocher, 13 Fishing rod and reel, and free entry into the Bluefin BASS Electric Convention in October.

Smith Shines for Second

For event runner-up Les Smith, it was his best result to date on the BASS Electric tour with the 51year old Ipswich basser catching a 2/2, 2.64kg limit to claim a podium finish.

Fishing a 30ft deep flat in front of the campground, Smith came across his hot spot while motoring towards his preferred location on Sunday morning.

“We were electricing across the flat and I spotted a couple of fish on the sounder, so we stopped to have a closer look,” Smith recalled.

While his first cast produced a yellowbelly, it was the next cast that he and his daughter Rebecca each made that resulted in a double hook-up.

“Once we caught that first fish they bit their heads off, and did so for next half an hour,” explained Smith.

The technique that did the damage was a lift and drop of a gold coloured Ecogear ZX40.

“The bites were rather tentative and would come either at the very top of the lift, or at the start of the drop,” said Smith.

The approach delivered 12 fish for the session and secured Smith a spot in October’s Bluefin BASS Electric Convention.

Flow-rite Big Bass

Peter Bostock claimed the Flow-rite Big Bass for the event, with the Moogerah victory catching his 1.70kg kicker early in the session on an ice jig. Lightly hooked, the ice jig fell out of the big fish’s mouth as soon as it slid into the landing next.

Winning Tackle

RodLox 2-5kg
ReelShimano Stella 2500
Line4lb Berkley Nanofil
Leader4lb Vanish
LureRapala Jigging Rap (colour GFR)

Winning Ways

Bostock used his sounder to locate fish, and used the side scan feature on his unit to pinpoint exactly where and how many fish were holding on an individual tree.

BASS Electric: Haswing Moogerah BASS Electric Major Angler Results

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