It’s time for flathead
  |  First Published: September 2014

It's time people! The water is warming up and so is the fishing.

We have had one of the coldest winters in 60 years in our region and it's finally coming to an end. The fishing has been pretty good over the past month and with a little bit of rain we should see this continue through spring.

The Burnett River

The river has been producing some great fishing with salmon, grunter and flathead all being taken,mostly on lures. Fishing the deeper holes and jigging soft plastics and vibes have been working very well.

As the water warms the fish will spread out and readily hunt down lures in the shallows where the bait schools reside.

The pelagic activity will start to increase this month as warming water moves the different baitfish species around, so look out for birds and keep plenty of small metal slices handy. Getting in early or late is the go as the traffic on the Burnett these days can be pretty intense.

The Baffle

The flathead are certainly on the chew in the Baffle and they should stay that way through September. Trolling small hardbody lures is a great way to cover ground and look for fish and it's a great way to introduce the kids and newcomers to the joys of lure fishing.

The mouth of the Baffle has certainly changed over the last few years. It has created quite a few new areas to target flathead from the bank or boat. I have taken my kids down the mouth on low tide pulled the boat up and walked around for a couple of hours casting soft plastics for flathead, it's very relaxing and kids get to have a swim and run around.

The Kolan

I have fished the Kolan a few times of late and it has produced a few fish, but it has taken a bit of effort. The upper reaches have really silted up and this makes it near impossible to fish around the low tide, which is my favourite time to fish.

The mouth is producing some decent flathead at the moment and should keep doing so throughout September and beyond. The large flats area just upstream from Maria has been a bit of a hot spot so grab some lures and get your trolling on as the flathead are waiting.

Flathead tips

September is flathead time so here's a few tips to help you get into a few.

Firstly, the flathead are schooling this time of the year so if you find one there should be more in the area.

Secondly, flathead can be in very shallow water this time of the year so getting out of the boat and having a walk, casting plastics and lures can be very productive.

Lastly, flatties live on the bottom and face into the tidal flow, so keep your offering as close to the bottom as possible and try to work your lures the same direction as the tide.

Enjoy the warming weather, I know I will be.

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