Barra back on the menu
  |  First Published: September 2014

The fishing in August was first class for those able to get out the front on the calm days, with Spanish mackerel up to 25kg being caught on the drop-off. I mentioned this spot last month and a few people came in to say there was no drop-off out the front as they had spent all day looking. It is where the depth goes from 6ft to 12ft on the northeast side of the sand island that is 4km out from the point. The change of depth is not much for the east coast but in the Gulf it is a reasonable change. Please be aware that the wind will blow so only venture out when it’s calm and head back as soon as it starts.

We held the annual Cancer Cuppa event again this year in Karumba, and with the help of the Gulf community the total raised was $42,122. This amount is awesome. I would like to congratulate the committee, especially Rose and Judy and everyone who helped to achieve this outcome.

Blue salmon have turned up in good numbers again this year and they are great fun on light gear. They put up a great fight and are good to eat when fresh. Please only take enough for a feed and this will allow everyone to catch one. Places to find them will be in the windsock channel and on the dirty water line that heads north from the mouth on the northern side of the Sunset Tavern. A running sinker rig with 60lb mono trace attached to a 6/0 hook will do the job.

As the water warms up the barramundi will be back on the menu. I have been out doing some fish stock research (someone has to do it) and can confirm there are some around. I went with a group of people up the coast and we had an awesome time, even getting a double hook-up. Delia socked me when she hooked up to a mangrove jack by saying it wasn’t a barramundi. I have seen only three caught here in 10 years and my joy was blown away as she had a one-track mind.

Our last day fishing was eventful with the two girls in the other boat catching five barramundi each for the afternoon session and my offsider John for the day and myself only catching five in total. My comments that they had stitched me up was supported by John who never realized I was having a go at him as I had caught four and he only caught one.

The male barramundi will be heading out to the mouth to breed with the females so concentrate your time near the mouth for the best results.

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