Weather run reaps rewards
  |  First Published: September 2014

Good weather has continued to hold allowing for many offshore trips.


We have enjoyed our best run of weather in years and followed it up with great fishing results.

All reef fish species have been on the chew with consistent catches of hussar, pearl perch, sweetlip and cod filling the eskies.

We have also had a good run of snapper, bagging out on them around the moon and have picked up a few red emperor along the way with live yakkas for bait.


The beach has been fishing well for whiting with most of the action on the full moon. Away from the full moon phase the whiting have been hot and cold.

Small chopper tailor have made an appearance with the hot spots being the Oaks at Inskip Point and Middle Rock to the south.


Squid jigging continues to be great. Little rain and clear water means these guys are plentiful and an easy catch.

Flathead catches are still going strong with the Bullock Point area a good spot to flick a few plastics.

September has always been my pick of the top fishing months. In the past we have encountered successive days of bag outs on pearl perch and snapper and had some great catches of red emperor. 

A very good friend of mine and an awesome fisherman, Wayne, told me once, “If you can't catch reef fish in September, it's time to give it away!”

Looking forward to some hot bites this month.

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