Big bounty on the bait
  |  First Published: September 2014

The amount of yakkas present in the bay at the moment is amazing. Just about everywhere you go the sounder screen is chock-full and there are some horses well over 1kg amongst them. All that bait can make things slow and getting away from the thick of it is sometimes necessary to catch fish.


The southern gutters, 25 fathom and the Coral Patch off Rooneys have continued to produce some great catches of snapper, scarlets, red emperor, cod, coral bream and blackall for the bait fishos.

Spanish mackerel, cobia, longtails and yellowtail kings have been all over live and floating baits and jigs burnt back to the boat.

In the estuaries, bream are at their peek with large numbers of fish over 30cm everywhere.

Flathead are a prime target this month and with the water warming they really fire up. Flatties are suckers for a lure or fly and with miles of flats along Fraser Island there is no shortage of good country to fish.


September is the start of the trolling season inside Fraser Island and with reports of black marlin through July and August it's looking like another big year for billfish. The past two seasons we have had baby blacks in the 10-30kg mark in numbers I've never experienced in over 17 years of trolling in Hervey Bay. When you can troll in sheltered waters literally metres from the beach and have multiple shots at marlin a day, you know you’re in a pretty special place.

Traditionally we cop a flogging from northerly winds in September and October. However, if you can get a good day around the full or new moon and run a spread of small to medium size pushers and swim a gar or two around Wathumba, Station Hill and Rooneys working the bait and contour lines you’re bound to come up tight on a baby black. By-catch of several species of tuna and mackerel, queenfish, wahoo, trevally and cobia help keep things busy between marlin strikes and it's always nice to bring home a feed of fish for the family.

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