Salmon star in Andersons Inlet
  |  First Published: August 2014

At the time of this report we have been experiencing a rather mild winter and the warmer than usual conditions has seen boaters and land based anglers trying their luck.

There have been very good reports as far as Anderson Inlet has been concerned, which is good news. Salmon can be caught in the inlet in very good numbers. At around this time of the year they turn up in huge numbers. They are currently in schools and to the 4kg mark, which will really test gear and the skills of anglers with many fish breaking free to swim and fight another day. John Taylor is a newcomer to Wonthaggi who loves playing lawn bowls as well as improving his other love, fishing. Just before this report he contacted me with a report of salmon that suddenly turned up out of nowhere, much to the delight of those anglers and visitors who were fortunate enough to be present and witness the event. John said he had not seen salmon in these numbers before but unfortunately all he could do was watch, but that was something in itself.

This spectacle occurred at a location called Pensioners Corner, which is not an official name but one that has evolved over a period of time. No one really knows why but it is located near Venus Street. This is a popular spot as far as land based anglers and boaters are concerned and as well as salmon there have also been good numbers of flathead, silvers and reasonable size gummy sharks making up worthwhile bags. The best times have been on the run in tide as far as salmon have been concerned and the other fish have been taking a variety of baits and lures on the last half of the run out tide. Nick Richards is another Wonthaggi angler who has been having a great time on the salmon where he has been catching them to the 4kg mark on a variety of surface lures. Nick says that the good news spreads fast and on his last trip there were no less than 40 anglers trying their luck off the beach. There is no reason why the fish won’t stick around for quite a while, at least until the food supply remains.

There is another area below the point known as the bathing boxes. This is also another of those local places that is not found on any map but got its name years ago when there were in fact bathing boxed constructed by locals without permission and stayed. That is until there were complaints from spoil sports and authorities had them removed, which was a great shame as far as locals were concerned.

Just before compiling my reports I like to visit places of interest and get up to date information, which is essential. Karen and Andrew Starrett run the local caravan park, which is located on the foreshore and they say that there have been very good numbers of salmon being caught by locals and land-based anglers who have been having as ball. Inexperienced anglers have been on a sharp learning curve and quickly find out that poor quality or neglected gear will quickly be found out. With fish that are to the 4kg mark, they will easily smash inferior line or gear as has been the case recently on so numerous occasions. Experienced anglers know that salt water is the enemy of gear, which must be thoroughly hosed down after each contact with salt water. The reason is just about always realized when there is a hook-up. Just as it appears that the battle has been won the tackle will fail after so much stress and the disappointment can have so easily been avoided with a bit of fresh water.

Karen says that she has seen quite a good variety of silver trevally that have been to the 2kg mark that also give a great account of themselves. They are a bit like salmon when they strike with a feeble enquiry but when hooked up the battle is on until the fish is in the bag. There are also good size flathead being caught along with quality mullet and they should stick around for some time.

This remarkable stretch of water appears as not much more than a splash on any map but looks can be deceiving. Karen says that there are very good numbers of salmon that are in the inlet along with big silver trevally, flathead and gummies that will test the skills of anglers. Karen says that their 5-year-old daughter Cierra caught a very nice salmon just before this report and was very pleased with herself, and why not? One of her friends Caitlyn O’Shannessy also caught a good size gummy shark on a kid’s whiting rod and naturally the photos will occupy pride of place on the ‘braggers wall’ at the caravan park. We wish them all the best and keep on fishing. Conditions have been reasonable even though there has been a bit of an east wind blowing. This area is one of those places where fishing is not greatly effected by this awful wind unless it is a gale and then of course everything comes to a stop.

There have been reports of small gummies and flathead being released, but generally the fish are well over the limit. It seems that they are not all that fussy and are taking a very good variety of baits, which include pilchards, squid, fresh fish fillets and eel presentations.

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