Cool times in Wany
  |  First Published: August 2014

August is the quietest time of the year to fish in the Wangaratta area. Due to the fact that the Ovens and King rivers are unregulated, they are usually quite high and dirty during August. Even if they aren't, they're always very cold at this time of the year.

As far as lowland species such as Murray cod and golden perch go, you can pretty much forget about them. Redfin will be few and far between and anglers who specifically target them may catch a few if they look in the right spots. Trout however, will be very much on the chew in Lake William Hovell as well as the stocked family friendly waterways.

Lake William Hovell is the place to head during August. Anglers trolling winged lures such as Tassie Devils will have success, especially during the low light periods of sunrise and sunset. During the day, try trolling the dual depth Tassie Devil lures, which can be rigged differently and allowed to dive to a couple of meters depth.

Don't be afraid to cast small blades at any time of the day as the trout in Lake William Hovell respond very well to blades. Try and focus your casts on the shaded areas where possible, and in direct sunlight allow your blade to sink and work it deeper in the water column.

If you are targeting redfin at Lake William Hovell during August, try fishing over the flatter sections of the southern bank. Make sure you fish a fair way out from the bank and if you have a depth sounder, try angling in about 30’ of water. It will be hard going, but if you are lucky you may get onto a few redfin.

Small yabbies and brightly coloured soft plastics usually deliver the best results when targeting redfin in Lake William Hovell.

The family friendly waterways will still be worth a fish as they were stocked with yearling rainbow trout in time for the July school holidays. There won't be as many trout in them in August as there was in July, however there should still be enough to warrant fishing them. Fosters Lake in Glenrowan, Lake Sambell in Beechworth and Stanley Ditch Dam in Stanley will all be worth fishing with Lake Sambell being the better of the 3 lakes to fish in August.

Lake Sambell is much bigger than the other two lakes and has an abundance of ribbon weed meaning it is harder for people to catch the fish. The good part about this is that it means it generally holds trout for much longer once they have been stocked each year.

Well that's about if for August folks. The best thing about August is that it is the month before September, which is when the Victorian trout season re-opens. The actual opening day is Saturday September 6th, so August is a great time to get prepared for the new season by servicing your reels and organise your tackle boxes etc.

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