|  First Published: August 2014

Stanage has for the past month been both hot and cold with the weather and the fishing.

For the travellers on the road, the council have been working on it and not one complaint has come into my shop over the last 4 weeks. In the estuary, the muddies have slowed down to near on 10 to 1... the 1 being the legal muddy.

For the smaller boats in the estuary who did the hard yards and sat for the tide turn, most were rewarded with blue nose salmon; a formidable table fare.

The huge winter bream are firing as well and big whiting should be turning up any day this month.

We locals are looking forward for the calmer winter reef fishing weather. Hopefully, this big blow will bring the reefies this way for another abundant season of coral trout, red emperor, nannygai and sweeties.

The grey, sharkie, schoolie and Spanish mackerel have been here for about a month now, along with the snapper. Once again though, mother nature has been protecting them all with the excessive wind at times, not allowing us humans to battle the challenge of catching them.

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