Lee stakes out and wins
  |  First Published: August 2014

Will Lee claimed back-to-back Queensland State Title wins with victory in the 11th round of the Daiwa-Hobie Kayak BREAM Series on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Compiling an 8/8 fish, 4.11kg limit to secure the win came from behind on the last day (11th) to once again show he’s the man to catch anytime the kayak bream tour comes to Queensland.

With light winds on day one, Lee’s plan of attack was to head to the main body of the Nerang River in search of stronger currents and active fish. Once in the Nerang, Lee targeted fish holding tight to the pontoons with a Z-Man 2” Brubz in pumpkinseed rigged on a TT HWS 1/20oz jighead and smeared in Pro-Cure mullet scent.

Lee would cast his lure up current of the structure and allow the bait to drift deep under the structure. Filling his limit by 9.30am he then changed tack and targeted the larger Gold Coast bream holding on the bridges during the slack tide, this proved fruitful for Lee, upgrading twice and keeping him in the hunt on day two.

With his limit in the well, Lee worked his way back to the weigh in with the tide, during his travels he was able to sight better quality fish holding on the pontoons near the weigh-in site.

“Using my Costa polarized sunglasses, I could see better quality fish holding under the pontoons, but in the calm conditions I could not get my lure in the strike zone without spooking them,” said Lee.

With stronger winds predicted for day two, Lee made the decision to spend less time travelling and more time with his lure in the water. Lee targeted the pontoons close to home focusing most of his attention on pontoons with wind blowing onto them.

Lee used his Power-Pole Micro Anchor to hold him off the pontoon, this allowed him to line up his cast before skip casting his lure tight to the structure. Lee would cast his lure tight to the structure before allowing it to flutter down the face of the structure. For this work, Lee stayed with his confidence bait from day one a Z-Man 2” Grubz in pumpkinseed rigged on a TT HWS 1/20oz jighead.

Beechey hits the beach

Bryce Beechey showed his consistency across changing conditions to take second place with an 8/8 fish, 4.08kg bag.

On day one Beechey stayed close to home fishing any structure in the Mermaid Waters canal system he felt had fish holding on it. Most of his fish came from fishing tight to the pontoon.

“I was getting fish in a number of places but the fish where holding tight to structure,” said Beechey.

Beechey’s lure of choice for this was a 2” Z-Man Grubz in motor oil colour rigged on a TT HWS 1/60oz jighead.

“With the light conditions I kept my presentation as natural as possible, I would cast the lure tight to the structure and rattle the lure keeping it in the strike zone as long as possible,” said Beechey.

With the change in conditions Beechey changed his approach, targeting fish in the wind swept flats in between the pontoons. For this work, Beechey used an Anre’s Alexandra 50s lure in a natural bait fish profile. He would cast his lure tight to the edge before twitching his bait out and allowing its natural sinking flutter to entice the strike. Beechey’s tackle of choice for the weekend was a Palm’s Pin Wheel rod matched with a Daiwa Fuego reel spooled with 3lb Toray fluorocarbon.

“Using straight through fluorocarbon allowed my lures to have a more natural presentation which made all the difference,” said Beechey.

Hogs Breath Boss Hog

Lure Rogan’s 910g Nerang River kicker fish took out the event’s Hogs Breath Boss Hog. Rogan caught his fish cranking boat hulls with a Zip Baits Khamsin Tiny DR in ghost ebi. “I knew it was a better fish when the lure was stopped in its tracks before the fish decided which way it wanted to go,” said Rogan.

Winning Notes

Winning Tackle

Rod: Gary Howard North Fork FW701

Reel: Shimano Stradic FH1000

Line: 2lb Berkley fire line

Leader: 3lb Sunline FC Rock leader.

Lure: a Z-Man 2 inch Grubz in pumpkinseed rigged on a TT hidden weight 1/20th jig head.

Winning Edge

“Having my Power Poll Micro anchor allowed me to hold off the structure and line up the perfect cast, giving me the best chance not to spook the bigger fish” said Lee.


PlaceAnglerFishWeight (kg)Payout
1William LEE8/84.11$800 + Prize Pack
2Bryce BEECHEY8/84.08$400 + Prize Pack
3Tyson HAYES8/84.00$280 + Prize Pack
4James HOWARTH8/83.96$240 + Prize Pack
5Kendall SOO8/83.95$190 + Prize Pack
6Michael HALLIDAY8/83.83$140 + Prize Pack
7Jason GARNER8/83.44
8Richard ORCHARD8/83.42
10Timothy MAAS8/83.38
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