Forster fishes big for Bale and Brundson
  |  First Published: August 2014

Wild weather and freezing temperatures tested the anglers who contested the Samurai Rods Forster round of the Gamakatsu Teams series. With 20+ knots predicted for the comp day, all of the anglers were keen to get to their spots and get their fish before the change hit.

Team Gamakatsu/Samurai 2 consisting of Wayne Bale and Jeff Brundson wasted no time in getting to the Tuncurry side break wall and putting together a bag in the first hour. They used Atomic Semi Hardz Minnow 40s in colour silver wolf and Atomic 2” Fat Grubs in brown crawdad.

Wayne and Jeff mixed up their attack on the wall by fishing parallel, straight in and out and also parallel wide of the wall to get their fish as they cycled around. Wayne said on top of this ever-changing approach, fishing top quality gear enabled them to cast further, feel more and ultimately catch more fish.

A couple of hours into the day they decided to ‘rest’ the wall and head up the Wallamba River to fish some racks to see if they could get that much needed ‘kicker’ fish. The move paid off – first cast Jeff managed a 1.31kg fish on the 2” Fat Grub in brown crawdad. After playing in the racks a little longer and upgrading another fish they decided to move back out to the wall to finish out the day.

Unfortunately a gearbox had different ideas. When they went to leave it decided to implode and leave the pair stranded a long way from the finish. Luckily Wayne was able to contact the MSB and they towed them back, but this saw the fishing day over by 12pm. The nervous wait for the weigh-in was worth it, however, as they had an awesome bag of five fish for 4.34kg and also the Samurai Rods Big Bream of 1.31kg.

Both Wayne and Jeff used Samurai rods, Daiwa reels with a mixture of Unitika Aorika Braid, Aiger Leader and Silver Thread fluorocarbon. The lures they used were Atomic Semi Hardz Minnows, Atomic Seekerz jigheads, Atomic Plazos 2” Fat Grubs and the ever famous Atomic Hardz Crank 38s.


Finishing in second place with a very respectable bag of 4.23kg was Team Evinrude/Lowrance consisting of Mark Healey and Adrian Neoh. Both of these guys are no strangers to Forster and have an uncanny knack of making it into the top five at any event here.

Mark and Adrian started at the paddock and worked their way up the system and eventually into the lake. They fished a mix of Cranka Crabs and Ecogear Aqua Prawns around the poles and washboards until they got into the lake, and then concentrated on the Prawns, ripping them in and above the many weed beds throughout Wallis Lake.

Using G.Loomis rods and Daiwa reels, Mark and Adrian slowly but surely amassed their bag of five and continued to upgrade it all day.

A special thanks goes to Lowrance, Evinrude, Cranka, G.Loomis and Ecogear.


Rounding out the top three was team Newcastle Fishing.com. Brendon and Scott are two of the most consistent anglers on the Gamakatsu Teams Series tournament circuit, and once again they were on stage taking some much-deserved prize money.

Brendon and Scott fished the paddock early to get their bag before moving to the Wallamba River racks to try to get some bigger fish. Using a mix of Samurai and Loomis rods, the pair managed more than 10 upgrades for the day and ended up getting five fish for 3.91kg. All of these fish were caught using soft plastics on 1/28oz TT jigheads.

Brendan and Scott sent out a special thanks to the GTS organizers and a thank you to all of the other competitors.


Taking out the kayak division at Forster was local legend Stephen Jansson. Stephen put together his bag of three fish quite easily for a total of 1.49kg.

Fishing just around the corner from the start at racks near Point Road, Stephen made a drift through some racks throwing plastics but they went untouched. A quick paddle back to the start of this drift and a change to the Atomic Hardz Crank saw three hits but three misses. The next hit was converted to a keeper, and within half an hour of this fish hitting the livewell, Stephen had his three.

With the wind starting to howl at around 11am, Stephen decided to call it a day and paddle back as the change saw 30 knots of wind arrive and made it very tough to fish from a kayak.

A big thanks goes to all of the competitors, and also to Gamakatsu, Evinrude, Lowrance and Samurai rods. To see the next events go to www.fishingcomps.com.au and we’ll see all of you at the next round located at South West Rocks, NSW.


GTS Round 3 Results

PositionTeamAngler 1Angler 2Total WeightEvent TOY
1Gamakatsu/Samurai 2Wayne BaleJeff Brunsdon4.34100
2Lowrance/EvinrudeMark HealeyAdrian Neoh4.2399
3Newcastlefishing.comBrendon HughesScott Greentree3.9198
4Coolscene Air-conditioningScott McnamaraGavin Caswell3.6297
5Millerods/ShimanoAndrew HowardPeter Beeton3.6096

Samurai Rods Big Bream: Team Gamakatsu/Samurai 2: 1.31kg

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