Gunning for greenbacks
  |  First Published: August 2014

Tailor have been in very healthy numbers and size over the last couple of months so hopefully they’ll continue to hang around. Trolling diving lures like Laser Pros and X-Raps usually produce some nice fish. Both headlands produce fish but I’ve had noticeably more success on the southern headland between the gun torrent and Mrs Murphys. Little Island also produces good numbers of greenbacks and salmon.

Salmon are around in numbers which is always great to fall back on when the other fish aren’t biting. Pillies on ganged hooks will catch you plenty of salmon but I think they are a whole lot more fun to catch on a lure. Metals, diving lures and plastics catch fish on most occasions but the salmon sometimes become very fussy when chasing tiny baitfish. When this happens, a well-presented fly or small soft plastic is often the difference between catching a fish and going home empty-handed.

Salmon will patrol most of the beaches, headlands and islands, and they often enter the bay in large numbers where they provide a great opportunity for young anglers to learn how a drag works. A lot of people aren’t a fan of the taste of salmon but I don’t mind them if they’re bled immediately, skinned and all the dark red meat is cut out of the fillets.


Now is snapper time and there are definitely some great fish about. The great thing about snapper fishing at this time of year is that you don’t have to head out far at all. Little Island and Boondelbah (or ‘Big Island’ as it gets called) both produce some huge reds at times. Floating half slimies down a berley trail is nearly as good as it gets for these fish. I prefer to fish during the late afternoon and into the night. Boondelbah in particular fishes better once the sun drops in the sky.

Edith Breakers has been producing some huge reds lately, and 5” soft plastics in the brighter colours are reportedly doing the damage. Remember to check the weather forecast if you’re heading from Port as it can be a very long trip home in a strong southerly.

Allmark is producing kingfish with the average around 6-8kg. There are also a few bar cod and nannygai coming from the bottom around that area also.


The washes are still holding good numbers of drummer and also some good size bream. Blue groper are also very common but are not commonly targeted due to their hard and dirty fighting tactics which can make them nearly impossible to pull from the rocks. To target them you’ll need some heavy gear, with 20lb braid being the absolute minimum and 40lb not even cutting it sometimes – but go any heavier and you risk not hooking them at all.

Cunjevoi and crabs are great drummer baits and are best fished under the wash. Remember to always be on the alert so as soon as they bite you can get them out of there.


Bream are still in good numbers around the racks and break walls, and things should keep getting better throughout this month and into September.

Luderick are still schooled up big on the break walls and plenty of anglers are still bagging out.

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