BETS – Sydney Harbour and St Clair
  |  First Published: August 2014

It’s been another busy period in the world of bream and bass fishing! So many anglers, so many fish! Let’s do a quick roundup of the recent BETS results.


Starting with bream, it was Mako Round Six, the final round of 2014, and a return to Sydney Harbour. The beauty of the Harbour is the range of opportunities it presents to anglers. There is something for everyone be it flats, structure, boats or deep water. There is a downside to fishing a tournament on the Harbour, however. Lurking out the amongst the anglers are more than a couple of true Harbour specialists and whilst they do get rolled occasionally, Mako Round Six was not the occasion.

Team Pflueger/Evinrudes’ Ross Cannizarro and Alan Loftus need no introduction, being previous Grand Final winners. They had already won a 2104 round but a win on home turf was highly sought after by the pair. With conditions suiting a bite on the ‘east of the Bridge’ grounds, the team’s favoured technique of hitting spots quickly and moving on was set to yield results. The question was whether any one of the other gun teams could pull a winning bag from the numerous big fish spots the Harbour is renowned for.

As the weigh-in progressed it was shaping up to be a tough ask, with bags nudging 4kg coming from some of the key players. As so often happens in a BETS round, a ‘good’ result was not quite good enough to win. As it turned out, Ross and Alan brought the only bag to exceed 4kg to the scales. Weighing a classic Pflueger/Evinrude Sydney Harbour bag of 4.03kg, the pair took out their second round of the 2014 Series and a cash prize of $3000. Already assured of a BETS Grand Final place, the win was a fitting way to closeout the round stages, and the home ground victory was just the icing on the cake.

Leader board

Parramatta River specialists Wayne Robinson and Aaron Horne of Team Sunline came in second with 3.92kg, earning $2200. Rising Harbour star Peter Cook and partner Phil Cook of Stealth Blades came third with 3.90kg, and with that the final round drew to a close.

The Austackle Big Bream award of $250 plus a $250 Austackle Lure Pack was shared for the first time this year. Team Stealth Blades (Peter Cook) and Prolure Australia (Nathan Liecht and Anthony Kalsow) both weighed 1.2kg specimens. Dennis Mageropoulos was the lucky angler to draw the Duffrods random giveaway rod courtesy of custom rod builder Steve Duff.

The top ten positions were taken by many of the teams who have proven so prolific on the waterway in the past, and it really was a fantastic way to say goodbye to the 2014 rounds. Big thanks go to Ian, Amy and the team from Mako Eyewear for the event BBQ and supporting the event. Be sure to visit the Mako Eyewear website and Facebook page to support a local business that gives so much support to the events.


On then a week to Coleman Round Two of BETS Bass, and from the hustle and bustle of the Harbour to the more serene waters of Lake St Clair.

At least, they should have been serene waters, but a cracking westerly bringing cold air off the hills was making for a wet and wild ride for anglers heading out for Session One. On the plus side though, word was St Clair hadn’t fished so well for some time.

As the light faded and the first weigh-in took place, the field was chockers with four-fish bags, with nearly all anglers getting in on some bass action.

Leading the pack was Team Pullin Hards’ Paul Beavan and Peter Hancock, with a 5.07kg belting bag of bass that put them over half a kilo ahead and threw down a real challenge to the rest of the field.

Session Two should be marked down as due reward for sticking it out in Session One! Light breezes and much warmer conditions soothed the soreness from the day before and at times a glassy calm swept across the water, suggesting good fish might be hard to come by.

The bass, however, didn’t seem to care. With sounders showing fish aplenty the catches continued, leading to a fascinating weigh-in where the lead changed numerous times as the bags were presented.

As with many fishing tournaments one good fish can make or break a team, and a bag of four with a 1.91kg corker is up for being a maker straight away. Mark Lennox and Ian Wratten of Team Yamba Prawn Blades had put themselves in a good place the night before with a 4kg+ bag, and knew the same again would put them in a great position. At 4.65kg the team saw the only result you want – first place – and a $1500 cash prize with a total weight of 8.91kg.

The leaders on the previous day, Pullin Hard, used their cracking bag to hold a spot on the table, securing second place and $1000 with a total of 8.39kg. They were followed by Team Bassman/Millerods (Dan Clancy and Mitchell Cone) with a total weight of 8.34kg for a $750 cash prize.

All in all it was another enjoyable bass round with a great atmosphere. Please visit the Coleman Camping website and Facebook page and support the sponsors of the round. - BETS



RankTeamAnglersFishWeight (kg)Big BreamPayout
1Pflueger EvinrudeAlan Loftus, Ross Cannizzaro54.03$3000 BETS Winners Cash
2SunlineWayne Robinson, Aaron Horne53.92$2200 BETS Cash
3Stealth bladesPete Cook, Phil Cook53.901.2$1500 + 2 x $150 Dinga.com vouchers
4Simrad Scott Butler, Guy Struthers53.56$500 + Lowrance $1500 voucher
5Pro Lure Australia 2Nathan Leicht, Anthony Kalsow53.471.2$400 + Lowrance $1500 voucher


RankTeamAnglersFishWeight (kg)Big BassPayout
1Yamba Prawn Blades / Duffrods Mark Lennox, Ian Wratten 8 8.91 1.91 $1500 BETS Cash
2Pullin HardPaul Beavan, Peter Hancock88.391.69$1000 BETS Cash
3Bassman/MillerodsMitchell Cone, Dan Clancy88.34$750 BETS Cash
4Asakura/ABU GarciaTroy Danes, Ryan Jones88.11$300 + 2 x Abu Vanguard Bass Rods valued $300ea
5Team OkumaGregg Flett, Chris Beldon8 8.04 $200 + 2 x Abu Revo S reels

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