Positive end to the season
  |  First Published: July 2014

I hate the end of trout season, however the long weekend allowed us to see some good catches of fish and, with some well-timed rain, there were plenty of good trout and bass caught in Gippsland.

Some good rain prior to the long weekend raised the rivers and increased the flows, which got anglers out there chasing a few trout in the local streams. A lot of anglers fished Blue Rock Lake as well.

The Thomson River was probably the standout with anglers getting good numbers of trout to 35cm in length.

Locations near the bridge on the way to Walhalla, as well as Coopers Creek and Bruntons Bridge, all fished well with lure anglers that were using small soft plastics and hardbodied lures.

The good news was the average size of the browns were up on what we normally catch here, with plenty of anglers catching multiple fish over 30cm.

The Tanjil River is another waterway that gets fished hard on the long weekend. As it is a tailrace stream, many anglers caught decent sized fish over 1kg, and some bigger ones as well. Again, lures such as small hardbodied bibbed minnows were the standout lures, but the humble Celta style spinner caught its fair share as well.

Blue Rock Lake

Blue Rock had plenty of anglers trying their luck and many were fishing land-based and catching plenty. The wall end of the lake fished best and I spoke to one group of anglers that caught half a dozen good sized trout to 42cm and a couple of nice size bass almost hitting 30cm in length.

Anglers fishing with lightly weighted worms did very well.

Anglers with kayaks and small tinnies did plenty of trolling with Tasmanian Devils and hardbodied lures and we saw plenty of 40cm+ trout, and even the odd trout over 50cm.

The bass were also caught sporadically by anglers trolling. There were plenty of small specimens to 20cm getting caught in the sticks with the odd 35cm+ fish there as well. I’m really impressed by the bass this year as the cold weather hasn’t seemed to put them off. With any luck, these Gippsland bass might be an all year round fish.

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Andrew Ketellar caught this beautiful big brown trout in Blue Rock Lake trolling a Rapala lure. He has also been catching plenty of bass as well.


There’s plenty of bass getting caught around Gippsland, even in the cold. Hopefully this is a regular occurrence.

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