Warm weather prevails
  |  First Published: July 2014

With the unbelievable conditions currently prevailing, the warm weather has kept the fish active despite the cold breaks. Anderson Inlet has had plenty of boaters and land-based anglers trying their luck.

Outside there have been very good numbers of gummies making an appearance. The last full moon was very successful. Along with the very good quality gummies caught, there were very large numbers of smaller undersize ones bagged as well.

Among the many callers who were successful, a couple of regular visitors bagged out on many occasions and often had to throw back fish. The guys had made quite a few trips out and had some very good GPS marks out wide in around 23m of water. They also had quite good bags of quality flathead that included big yanks.

The boys also had a sad story when they hooked a very big mako under a balloon and there was quite a battle that went on over a couple of hours. The big fish took a whole salmon and put on quite a show for the crew but sadly when it seemed they would have a victory the big fellow broke free to swim and fight another day.

I have received many reports, and still do, of boaters doing very well a short distance beyond the breakers at Venus Bay. This is where there are quality flathead being caught along with pinkies and gummies on a variety of baits on both sides of the tide.

The jetty at Inverloch always has a sprinkling of visitors and land-based anglers trying their luck. This is like many other jetties where there can be a long wait between enquiries but when the action starts the long waits are forgotten.

I received a call from a visitor Dave Smith who was on holidays. He was standing on the jetty and noticed a fair bit of disturbance in the water near a fisherman who suddenly hooked in and landed a very nice salmon that looked to be around the 45cm mark. Another fish quickly followed this and in very short time he had a very impressive bag of salmon that were destined for the table. There have been other reports of schools of mullet and salmon that are being caught by boaters and land-based anglers.

I often like to visit areas inside the entrance known as the Bathing Boxes. I came across a group of land-based anglers trying their luck as the tide was about halfway through its cycle. Between them they had a mixture of mullet and salmon. The situation was much the same nearby at Pensioners Corner, although there had been a few reasonable size gummies extra in their bags.

Maher’s Landing there were quite a few land-based fishers trying their luck where mullet, salmon and a few flathead were making up most bags. Not far away at the area known as the ‘A’ frame house, there have been quite reasonable numbers of silvers, flathead and gummies on both sides of the tide.

Further up towards the Double Islands there have been reasonable results with salmon, silvers, couta and decent size pinkies being caught. The best results have been on the run-out tide. Be careful in this area as the shallow water can pose problems.

At the Double Islands there is a boat ramp, which is serviceable, but for those not familiar it is best to use it when it has plenty of water, it can be a bit of a trap.

The Tarwin River has had quite a few visitors trying their luck off the fishing platforms, which have been constructed from our licence fees – great to see some return of our money. There have been quite a few reports of mullet, silvers and a few perch being bagged mainly on the run-off tide using frozen baits, such as pipis, squid, silver fish and pilchards.

Down at the rock bank, which is just a short distance from the entrance, has had many land-based anglers trying their luck.

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