Out of the box
  |  First Published: July 2014

Welcome to winter fellow fishos! It's normally this time of year that everybody gets down and gloomy, the natives have all but deserted us and it's freezing cold! But I have a hunch that this winter may just be one out of the box for trout, and fish very well indeed.

It's this time of year when trolling comes into its own. Of late the trout have been caught on the troll and the best results have been downrigging and lead lining about 10m deep in the main arm. Tassie Devils are doing a whole lot of damage and pink has been the standout colour (no surprise there).

It’s very exciting that Wigston Lures has released a bunch of new colours this season with a few destined to become legends in the range. It's some great work by Justin and his creative crew down in Hobart.

Reports have been flowing in on quite a regular basis with good numbers of quality browns up to 1.2kg in the main arm and up along the Point Shaw wall and about a 100m off the wall.

Big River, although being flogged lately, has also proven its worth once again with quality fish and slightly bigger than the ones in the main arm. For those of you who haven't been up to the Goulburn Arm, it's well worth a look and doesn't cop a minuscule of the traffic that Big River does. It has an abundance of fish this time of year and it's really not all that much further to get to from the bottom end of the lake, well worth a look.

The redfin have been a little more consistent lately, and they are great on the dinner table. I can't believe how fat they are at the moment, so with a bit of luck they will chew right through winter.

There have been a few natives caught recently, including a 62.5cm golden perch cracker! There have also been some nice cod to 80cm, but mostly on bait.

It's this time of year that the pondage starts to really fire again simply cooler water temps and more consistent levels do the trick with some big brood stock put in recently there are some good rewards to be had tight lines all

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