Alvey 650 BERR Rapid Retrieve
  |  First Published: April 2007

With their reputation for durability and long-distance casting of light baits, Alvey reels have always been held in high regard among serious rock and beach anglers.

All Alvey sidecasts are built with stainless and brass hardware that can stand up to as much punishment the extreme environments of rock and beach fishing can dish out and the new 650 BERR Rapid Retrieve is no exception.

As with all Alvey reels, if you should drop the reel in the sand it’s just a simple matter of washing it in the surf in full confidence that the reel will still perform just fine. A quick rinse under fresh water when you finish your session is all that's needed to keep it operating smoothly.

The sporty maroon 650 BERR features the all new Rapid Retrieve handle to give the angler faster cranking power. It’s ideal in situations where a bait or lure needs to be skipped across the rocks quickly to avoid snagging.

The big Rapid Retrieve can also be used to good effect spinning gar on gangs off the stones for tailor, kings, salmon, tuna and mackerel.

Blooping big poppers from rock ledges and slowly cranking big bibbed minnows through foam-laced, rocky gutters and from break walls will suit the 6.5” sidecast perfectly. Alvey have basically introduced an offset handle into the recessed dish of the reel, decreasing the diameter of each single crank and thus reducing the effort needed to increase winding speed.

With most other styles of reels, extra gearing and more moving parts are typically needed to introduce extra speed into the equation. More moving parts also mean the chance of parts failing but thanks to this ingenious Aussie design, the reel remains basically identical bar the offset handle seat.

The 650 BERR effectively increases cranking speed by around 30% when using the high-speed handle but when a fish is hooked, the standard oversize handle can still be used to good effect.

The fixed handles and standard star drag also let the angler have the option of fishing under a preset drag or by overriding the drag with the simple use of the palm of the hand. It’s a perfect routine for when a strong fish takes a dive for a nasty piece of structure or a reefed fish needs to be cranked out.

The Alvey 650 BERR holds around 650m of 9kg line and comes with maxi-strength fibreglass spool, a one-way drag, fish alert and drag on-off lever.

It can be taken apart with ease for maintenance by undoing the spool-tensioning screw. With most reels on the market mass produced in Asian sweat shops, it’s great to see an Australian-owned and manufactured reel that has stood the test of time and still on the market.

The new Alvey 650 BERR is an ideal choice for rock and beach anglers who want a versatile, durable reel to throw lures or bait from their favourite patch of terra firma for tailor, groper, drummer, salmon, jewfish, kings and cobia.

– John Grant

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