Power-Pole Micro Anchor - The Game Changer
  |  First Published: July 2014

The Power-Pole Micro Anchor has landed in Australia and it’s a great way to set your boat or kayak up in one location allowing you to fish without the worry of your rig moving while you’re concentrating on the fishing.

We’ve had three anglers, Grayson Fong, Simon Goldsmith and Steve Morgan out in the field testing the Power-Pole Micro Anchor and following are their thoughts on how well these units operate on various craft.

Grayson Fong

This recent addition to the Power Pole family has really set a new benchmark in the kayak fishing stakes with its worldwide popularity making it a ‘must have’ for all serious kayak fishers. With its ability to anchor 1500lb of boat weight, kayaks of all shapes and sizes are covered, making it versatile for all applications.

My first exposure to the Power-Pole Micro Anchor was at the 2013 Hobie Fishing World Championships (HFWC) in Victoria where, freshly off its ICast Best New Showcase Product win, the unit was fitted to each of the competitors factory Hobie kayaks for them to put to the test. Under the watchful eye of Power-Pole’s Vice President Rob Shamblin, who made a special trip Down Under to not only to showcase his pride and joy but to keep an unbiased eye on its international debut at a major competition. Rob’s apprehension for ‘his baby’ was soon turned to delight as anglers returned from their day one prefish with nothing but glowing praise for this awesome product. From ‘I can’t wait to buy one’ to ‘can I carry this back to England’, Shamblin’s wry smile was filled with satisfaction.

During the HFWC, weather condition really put the Power-Pole Micro Anchor (PPMA) to the test as anglers battled through wind gusts up to 35 knots making conditions unsavoury to say the least. But this is when the PPMA really came into its domain, holding anglers in spots we didn’t think was possible even with a boat anchor! I really put my PPMA through its paces the whole weekend as fishing large weed flats, wide rubble patches and wind swept banks is my strength and with this tool it just added another weapon to my armoury.

The fibreglass spike allows for horizontal flex during wind gusts coupled with its low RPM, high torque motor to keep the spike firmly planted allowing me more fishing time and less stress in trying to hold position using the old conventional method. Ideally I would use the PPMA to anchor my kayak in 5-6ft of water allowing the wind to point my kayak in the direction I was wanting to cast. This gave me the opportunity to punch an array of casts a full 180 degrees both sitting and standing without the worry of drifting and spooking fish through my chosen fishing spot. When finished with an area, having the PPMA’s wireless remote made moving effortless and quiet as I would simply up spike and pedal to my next spot.

I couldn’t imagine fishing ever again without the Power-Pole Micro Anchor on my kayak as I believe it’s taken kayak fishing to a whole new level. Its quietness, efficiency and simplicity makes it a product you can easily fall in love with. As I usually tournament fish out of a boat, I couldn’t imagine not having an electric motor on it, which is my exact sentiments for the Power-Pole Micro Anchor on a kayak.

Simon Goldsmith

The Power-Pole Micro Anchor is the must have new fishing accessory for the small boat or kayak angler alike.

The Micro Anchor is suitable for boats under 16ft and all kayaks/canoes alike. We have used the Power-Pole Micro Anchor on a 16ft fibreglass bass boat and have been blown away by its performance and ease of use.

Combined with the separate composite spike you are able to quietly and efficiently anchor your vessel in up to 8ft of water, the same depth achievable by all but one of the full sized Power-Pole anchors.

Compact and lightweight are the two biggest drawcards for the Power-Pole Micro Anchor. Not all boats are big enough and stable enough to allow the full sized Power-Pole anchor and this is where the Power-Pole Micro Anchor fills the void and allows all the same great benefits at a more manageable and affordable size.

The Power-Pole Micro Anchor is controllable via the top of the unit itself or by a wireless remote you can either mount on the boat or keep on your person for ease of use from on the boat or on the bank.

The Power-Pole Micro Anchor is perfect for holding over productive areas. For example, when you are drifting over a productive flat and you hook a nice bream, set the Micro Anchor down and you could catch multiple fish from the same area. Previously you would have continued to drift over the flat, and these fish, while fighting and landing the first fish hooked.

It’s also incredibly handy for use around the boat ramp when launching and retrieving your vessel. No more needing to pull the boat way up the bank and potentially scratching or damaging the hull of your expensive investment. Just drop the Power-Pole Micro Anchor and keep your boat or kayak anchored just off the bank, ready for retrieval or to head out on the water.

I have so many anchors, but only one Power-Pole Micro Anchor.


I’ve come at the Power-Pole Micro Anchor from the other direction. Being a bass boat owner, I’d had a bass boat Power Pole fitted to the last three of my boats. And what I thought was initially a bit of a novelty quickly became a must-have piece of equipment.

Grayson and Simon have run through the basics of this unit, but as you become a proficient Power Pole user, you’ll find there are subtle advantages that you won’t read about in the marketing material.

Firstly, the Micro has an easily removable pole for transportation. This mightn’t seem like much, but a bass boat Power Pole in constantly up and I guarantee that it adds plenty of drag as you’re towing down the highway. Take the Micro Anchor’s pole out and strap it to the deck and you’re resistance-free.

Secondly, I love being able to feel the bottom composition with the Power Pole. Seriously.

You can tell the difference between sand, gravel, mud and rock with the feedback from the pole. There’s plenty of situations where I’ve found isolated rock piles by lifting and dropping the Power Pole on the drift. And we all know that bream, barra, grunter and other estuary predators love rocks and rock-bars.

Thirdly, I love the stealth. Sure, you can hold position with a standard anchor or an iPilot with Spot Lock, but the Power Pole does this the most silently of all. Drift up to a snag, deploy the Power Pole with the push of a button and you can work over the prime structure quietly and efficiently.

Lastly, the Power-Pole Micro Anchor effectively gives these advantages to boaters for a fraction of the price of the original versions. You don’t get much change from $2,500 for a standard Power Pole. For under $1,000, the tinnies of Australia now have another ‘must have’. Nowadays, every other tinnie has a bow mounted electric motor attached. The Power-Pole Micro is the next on the list.

Check out a Power-Pole Micro Anchor at your nearest Hobie dealer or at the Fishing Monthly Bluefin Jon Boat at any of the boat shows we attend.

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