GTS R2 - Taree
  |  First Published: June 2014

The Gamakatsu Team Series Mid Round 2 in Taree, sponsored by MajorCraft, produced some great fish. The fish were holding upriver, making the top end start a favourite for anglers. Taree produced a crowd again with heaps of people there to support the anglers. The visitors also managed to get into the prize action with a pair of Mako glasses and a Samurai Inflict rod being given away from a rock-paper-scissors fight off between everyone there. Thanks to the sponsors Mako and Samurai for making this possible.

It was a close finish again with only 170g between first and third, but at the end it was a late upgrade from Team Berkley/C’ultiva that got them over the line with a 3.08kg bag of solid fish. Vaughn Lewis and Todd Riches fished the Pampooloh flat to get their bag with cranks on the flats. Using Abu Vanguard and Pflueger Patriarch reels, they used the tried and tested long cast and slow rolling cranks to secure the bag. After this they made a change to the Tinonee snags and edges to get the upgrade fish they were after. Here they used Gulp Crabby camo 1/40oz lures with a dead stick technique, with the long pauses producing the tentative bite from the bigger fish.

In second place was Team ProCraft, with Darren Seckold and Kyle Branch weighing in at 2.93, also fishing upriver within 5km from the start. They fished the edges, rolling a mixture of Atomic Shads in muddy prawn and Chubbies in brown sugi. Using a outfit of 1-3kg rods, 2000 sized reels and 3lb leader they managed to get a kicker fish of 860g to secure second place.

Coming in third, Team Gamakatsu/MajorCraft started at the mouth. They found it hard to get fish initially, and decided to make the important move upriver. They fished near the highway bridge on the large flat, throwing Atomic Cranks and slow rolling over the weed beds and rocks. Catching a heap of fish they found it important to keep going, getting small upgrades to eventually amass a 2.91kg bag that earned them third place.

We thank the series sponsor Gamakatsu and the naming round sponsor Mako. For a full list of sponsors and any upcoming tournaments go to www.fishingcomps.com.au/gts. - GTS


1Berkley/C’ultivaVaughn Lewis, Todd Riches53.08
2ProCraftDarren Seckold, Kyle Branch52.93
3MajorCraftCohen Morante, Bradley Morante52.91
4Carpet Court/Cranka LuresMike Nelson, Grant Manusu52.7
5Fillet & ReleaseTony Thorley, John Thorley52.67

Big Bream: Berkley/C’ultiva (0.86kg)

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