Flush out flourishes canals
  |  First Published: June 2014

As the cooler weather sets in, along with the rain that flushed out the canals a few months ago, it's a good time to head out into our canals. Big bream, whiting, tailor, trevally, plenty of mullet and the odd flathead will fill our bags this month.

Right now is bream spawning season. As the water temperature cools, the bream will go into spawning mode and feed up, which will make them easier to catch. The fish will have plenty of size about them as well, and the best spot to target them is the middle on the bottom.

Large fish can be caught in June, such as 40cm+ specimens – just in time for the winter rounds of the Gold Coast Bream Series! I've found the Z-Man 2" GrubZ in motor oil and bloodworm natural colours on a light TT Jighead on the surface is one of the best set ups for bream in the canals! Just persist and spend time on the water and the fish will come.

Tailor season is here and large fish will be caught at the mouths of the canals, where there is more flow and bait. I find the tailor are mostly biting between 3-8am and 5-8pm. I caught some big tailor last season when they where thick at Paradise Point on hardbodies in a blue/silver, and bright colours when trolling through the schools. The fish will stay around for a bit, but will slow down around August. Match the hatch with lures using slugs, plastics or hardbodies, and the top baits will be white bait and pilchards.

The cooler weather and water temps will set in and hopefully the rain will calm down, though the odd shower is still good. Fishing these conditions a week after the rain is great for the canals, as it will flush them out and bring the fish on the bite. Bait fishing has proved productive in dirty water.

The jacks will still be around although harder to catch in winter and decrease in numbers. If you can catch a lot of jacks in summer, you should get a few in winter if you put time onto it.

Vibes, more commonly known as blades should work well this month. With the slight lift of your rod tip, the lure will erratically vibrate through the water column. Fish, including trevally, bream, flathead, tailor, the odd luderick, and lots more species, will smash a blade. It is as simple as casting, letting it hit the bottom, slow lift, pause and repeat. Most of these species can be easily fooled when using this technique, but it does require some skill.

You will pick up a quality fish nearly anywhere at almost anytime in the canals with a well-presented lure. Perfect lures for this situation, and one I highly recommend, is the TT Lures 1/12oz and 1/8oz Switchblades HD in a natural or brown colour!

Overall, winter can offer the same amount of fun as in summer with a range of popular species, including big bream in the canals and big GT in the Seaway.

Tight lines and make sure you check out my new website at www.joshdunnsfishing.com.

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