Weather turns our way
  |  First Published: June 2014

With the water temperature finally dropping, the winter species we look forward to every year are on the increase.

The weather has taken a turn for the better ever since Easter’s amazing spell of calm seas. With a glassed out ocean and only a slight run in the tide, the fishing was tough for a lot of anglers over the Easter period. And with the sheer number of boats on the water it made even harder for everyone.

Some good fish were still caught and with the weather that good, it's just nice to be on the water.


Our local reefs including Moon Ledge, the Arty and Bagimba have produced trevally, small to medium cod, blackall, Moses perch, coral bream and juvenile snapper. Sharks have been an issue at most spots and I had a tiger about 7ft in the old scale reeking havoc the last time I fished the Arty.

Out wider the 25 fathom, Gutters and the Rooneys 6 Mile it's a worse scenario with the sharks but the fishing is worth it with scarlets, hussar, trout, cod, coral bream and snapper making up the bulk of the catch.


The calmer weather has allowed the water to clear and the drop in temp has kicked the flathead in to overdrive. On the build up to spawn they chase bait schools in the shallows like pelagics than the docile estuary fish they are thought to be.

Stalking the flats flicking plastics and hardbodies and working the bait schools has had me in disbelief as multiple hook ups and several fish competing for your lure have become common place on many a flat’s session. Most fish have been in the 45-65cm range with a few nudging 75 being lost or released on most days.

There have also been some cracker bream amongst the by-catch and switching to poppers usually tempts a few whiting into striking. So whether you’re heading out wide, walking the flats or shooting out close for a quick fish there is plenty happening on the Fraser Coast at the moment.

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