Bass still going strong
  |  First Published: May 2014

I thought the bass may have slowed down a bit with the colder weather, but this is not the case, we have still been getting good numbers of small bass locally during the late afternoons and a few in the early mornings as well.

The bass are going excellent and we are in for a great new fishery. With the unfortunate loss of our trout fishery, we have now gained a bass fishery. Is this intentional? I’m not sure, but there are far more bass going into our waters than trout, hence why we are all catching bass around here and not trout.


The local Strzelecki streams are still fishing poor for trout. The water levels have been terrible but we have just started getting some colder weather and rain so I’ll keep everyone posted how these streams fish over June when the flows increase.

I actually saw a few trout in Traralgon Creek up in the mid-section around Koornalla, but only a couple. Although it’s not great, it’s promising and may be signs that a few trout might be coming back!

Apart from that, it has still has not been worth going up there for a fish. The other side of the hills are more promising, with the Tyers River producing half a dozen trout at a time for most anglers. Other rivers in the western part of Gippsland are producing all the trout reports I am getting from customers, but I’ll leave those western Gippy streams for Steve [Williamson] to talk about in his article as these rivers are his area of expertise.


A few mates and I have been using surface lures during the afternoons for the bass and they have been working a treat. Megabass Siglets are amazing to use and have been our favourite, and white floating stick baits are pretty good too.

I have been using a few different hardbodies in the 3-5cm range and they all seem to work. Floating and sinking or suspending styles are doing the trick, it seems that time of day is more important than lure selection. The contradiction to this rule, is that if we get a hot night and there are some insect activity, then put on a surface lure such as a Siglet or another floating lure or break out the fly rod and use a dry fly such as a Dads Favourite, Red tag or Grenwells Glory, I have had success on all these flies.

The fish are still mostly small, especially in our rivers such as Avon, Macalister and its tributaries. But there are the odd bigger 30cm+ specimens around as well, like a mate of mine Mitch Blomquist found out on a recent trip.

Blue Rock is fishing very well, with plenty of fish between 25-39cm getting caught, with the latter obviously from the original 2002 stocking. The recent Hobie Bass comp produced plenty of bass over 30cm and specimens nearly reaching 40cm, so this place is fishing great.

Glenmaggie is also producing some good fish, and there are all sizes here as well. The lakes are a bit more versatile in lures style, such as spinnerbaits, soft plastics, vibes and hardbodies. It’s more about location (snags and drop-offs) and time of day (late afternoons and early mornings) being the important thing with bass.

I am still learning about these things, so I don’t know how they will go over May and June, but I will keep all you guys posted and my friends and I are all hoping with can catch bass in the cold months. Hopefully we can!

For more information, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 51748544. You will get expert advice and great deals on fishing bait and tackle. Tune into Rex Hunt and Lee Rayner’s “Off the Hook” on 1242 to hear Will’s report on what’s going on in Gippsland!

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