Always on the go
  |  First Published: May 2014

Inverloch is one of those fishing areas that always seem to be on the go regardless of what is happening elsewhere. This belief is backed up with what is happening both inside and outside the entrance with boaters and land-based anglers making their efforts worthwhile.

I like to wait until the last moment so to speak when compiling these reports to find out what’s going on as things can happen so quickly and yesterday’s news is old hat so to speak.

I like to have a look around jetties and other spots where land-based anglers like to try their luck and was surprised when I came across a couple of visitors who decided to try off the beach at flat rocks. The tide was just beginning to come in from a very low water where anglers had just began to get into a school of mullet that had also just turned up. The water was boiling with activity and in very short time they had a very impressive bucket of fish to the 35cm mark that were all caught on small pieces of pipis. Although the anglers were also throwing out plenty of berley, it probably wasn’t really needed but did the job just the same.

The bathing boxes have also been very productive, which has been the case for sometime where mullet have been making up most of the numbers. The last half of the run-out water and first of the run-in flow is the best time to try your luck. There have also been quite reasonable bags of whiting, flathead and silvers being caught.

Amanda Kellar is a very keen land-based fisher and just before this report she emailed me a pic of an elephant shark she had just caught at Anderson Inlet. She was very happy when she landed the big fish after a long battle. She also just landed another first, a flying gurnard, and described it as a ‘cool’ looking fish. Well done Amanda and keep the reports coming.

Pensioners Point is still going along very well at low water on both sides of the tide where flathead are still around in good numbers, along with gummies, mullet and silvers making up very presentable bags. Boaters have been happy with their returns around Point Smyth.

Outside the entrance, boaters have been doing well after a fairly long hike to an area just behind the breakers at Venus Bay. There is always a chance of picking up quite good size flathead that will fall to a variety of baits and lures on the drift. The tide times don’t seem to matter much. There can often be a few gummies hanging around looking for an easy meal, as well as pinkies to the 3kg mark, and makes the effort well worthwhile.

Back inside the entrance there have been good results around Stevies Gutter where flathead, silvers, gummies and pinkies continue to make for some very good bags. The big flathead are being taken on the run off tide on baits and soft plastic lures where they wait as the water runs off the mud flats and the easy meals present themselves.

John Hardington and a mate decided to try their luck out from Maher’s Landing and headed up towards the double islands that is often worth the effort. This is an area that can be tricky, especially at low water as the tide runs off. At the time of this report, there had been very good numbers of pinkies, silvers, mullet and quite reasonable size flathead. For those who know where to look there are also quality perch to be caught on soft plastic lures. They are also being caught on a combination of Bass yabbies with a sand worm teaser.

The Tarwin River has also been giving up quite good numbers of perch to the 34cm mark as well a silvers, mullet and eels. The best time to wet a line has been on the run-out tide.

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