Misery loves company
  |  First Published: May 2014

I have spoken to dozens and dozens of quality anglers who have struggled this summer, and from my perspective I'm stoked because it wasn't only me who sucked on Eildon over the last 4 months!

Now that the irrigation has finally stopped I'm really counting on things to start to perform in at least some sort of consistency.

I think we have pretty much seen the last of the yellowbelly until spring. Concerning the other native species, the mighty green fish, I think the bigger bangers are poised to go on the move and start becoming more aggressive once we have a few frosts. Game on, after such a dismal summer!

My recommendation for cod is go large, 150-200mm lures, in about 20-30’ of water. I run some big X-Raps or similar style lures generally used on pelagic species, which are also very deadly on big cod.

The only really exciting thing I've seen lately is the amount of large brown trout on the surface feeding on the abundant bait schools, which still seem to be growing in quantity. As the water cools down and the trout stay higher in the water column, we could see some seriously large trout taken this season. I will be fishing hard in the cold chasing the elusive 10lb fish in Eildon, and don't worry there are plenty of them in there!

There have been a few rainbows caught early, which is an enigma in itself for this time of year, as they have been very scarce over the last 3 years. Prior to that, the numbers of ‘bows were solid and I was lucky enough to catch some good fish from 2.5lb right up to 7lb. I will talk to the lads from Fisheries and see if they can put a finger on why this has happened but if you like downrigging this is going to be your year.


The pondage has been fishing surprisingly well. Solid fish captures up to 4lb are being reported on the rise of the water. Pink Tassies and pink Wobblers are going gang busters and ole mate Powerbait won't let you down.

If you get onto any fish and would like to send some pics join me on facebook and send me a PM and I will try and get you pics in.

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