Sweet, sweet consistency
  |  First Published: April 2014

For this month’s report I am going to open with one word that is music to any anglers ears, consistency. This is one of the more consistent stretches of fishing that we have witnessed in a long time. There are plenty of whiting, gummies and calamari and there has also been a welcome return of some nice plate-sized snapper, which should all continue to run into this month.


I will open with a little bit of land-based action for this month. It is time to dust off the surf rods and head on down to Stockyard Point. Time it with the low tide and a fresh slab of salmon or calamari hood and you are in for a show. Some really nice gummies have been, and this will most definitely continue as we approach some cooler weather. Local fisho, Glen Jackson and his 9 year old son beached a nice 5kg specimen to keep the smiles rolling!

The Bouchier Channel has witnessed a nice little run of just-legal sized gummies and should continue to be quite reliable for any one that craves a fresh feed of flake to take home. Most gummies in the area are around the 5kg mark with the odd better fish to 8kg being taken with fresh salmon fillets being one of the more reliable baits. Anchor in the deeper water on the run-out tide and catch the fish as they come off the banks with the tide.

The Tooradin Channel has been the hot spot for taking home a mixed bag. There are still whiting up on the banks of a high tide with some really nice sized fish amongst them. Pipi has dominated the reports on the bait side with the better fish pulling the tape out to 42cm.

It is here in the Tooradin Channel that has seen a considerable influx of snapper. The run-in tide has seen a lot of fish to 2kg schooling up in the channel. Some fish have been taking pipi and squid intended for the whiting but half a pilly will make it hard for the little snapper to resist.

Moving along now to the Gentle Annie Channel and it’s the whiting that reign supreme. The most exciting news here is that the average size of the whiting seems to have increased a little bit. The high tide is once again the better of the tides so it would be wise to plan your trip around that. Fish over 40cm have been a frequent capture with the biggest nudging the 44cm mark. Don’t be afraid to hang a nice sized bait for these bigger whiting, a nice big juicy pipi with a 1” strip of squid over the top makes it pretty hard for the bigger whiting to pass up.


The Tyabb Bank is another area of the port that just continues to produce some really serious fish. The calamari have well and truly moved back in and these majestic pillow cases have been eating jigs like they are going out of fashion! Bump up the size of the jigs to a 3.5 and really capitalise on the influx of big calamari.

The whiting have also continued to be a consistent capture on the plentiful sand holes with some really healthy fish to 45cm still coming in quite frequently.

The Middle Spit, they should really change its name to ‘The Consistency’ Spit. Whiting and calamari are just flat out dominating reports lately. There are whiting everywhere but amongst all of the reports there has been an interesting trend starting to form. A lot of really nice fish have been caught in the deeper water just off of the Spit’s banks. A few of the local charter boats have been working the 7-9m marks and getting a healthy bag on most occasions, so up size those little sinkers and enjoy the deeper water’s bounty.

The calamari have been harassing the whiting up in the shallows so it’s no wonder the deep fishing has been so good! In very similar fashion to what’s happening on the Tyabb Bank, the bigger 3.5 jigs have been doing the most damage. The red foiled jigs have produced the most solid report as well so make sure you have a few of them in your kit.

Continuing on with the deep water whiting theme the 12 and 13m marks out from Hastings have also produced some really nice bags of whiting. The same baits of pipi and mussel that work so well in the shallow water are also the baits of choice in the deep and work on the tides just as they begin to change. This allows you to still use the lighter gear before having to go too heavy in the weight department.

If you want to add a few snapper to the bag then head on over to the Esso Jetty. Don Newman and Neil Drummond, a couple of the older boys from the Cranbourne store got amongst some nice 2.5kg snapper while fishing for whiting just off of the Esso Jetty. Plenty of berley kept the fish around and most fish came on pipi intended for the whiting.

So as you can hopefully see we are smack bang in the middle of some of the most consistent fishing that we have seen in a long time, so make the most of this beautiful warm weather and keep the reports flooding in! Good luck.

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