Good fishing set to continue
  |  First Published: April 2014

Traditionally we are now into the most settled time of the year weather wise and with any sort of luck the good fishing will continue.

The jetty at Inverloch has undergone a facelift and as a result the fishing is much more comfortable. Locals and visitors have been doing fairly well.

The main catch seems to be mullet and James Borselow bagged around 20 of these under-rated fish that were all around the 35cm mark in just a few minutes. He was very happy with himself and with high hopes returned the following day but failed to trouble the weigh master. This is consistent with reports as the mullet and salmon will turn up in very good numbers and then disappear for reasons that will never be understood.

The fish have been taken on a variety of presentations with pipis, Bass yabbies and worms the best, with salmon also taking a variety of small surface lures.

I received a visit from a local fisherman and builder who is well known as Rags Allan. Rags is one of those nice blokes who is known to everyone around Wonthaggi and loves his fishing. He went out one day and somehow managed to catch a few very large freshwater yabbies. He didn’t know what to do with them and asked me around to have a look. Sure enough he had them in the bath, which I am not real sure how this was received by his better half.

He asked me what he could do with them and I suggested that he puts them to sleep. He looked at me in amazement and in fairly short time the yabby was upside down completely unharmed but sound asleep. Shortly afterwards the crustation was awoken from its slumber and continued on with life and was then returned to the water as Rags thought that it had enough for one day.

I received a report from Rory Boyd and his stepfather Brian. They fished Anderson Inlet on the Venus Bay side around the mud flats from shore at high tide. His mother Mary and stepfather were fishing for mullet, salmon and estuary perch, or whatever else might come along. Rory tried a fresh mullet fillet looking for a gummy as he had caught many here before. In the meantime his mother had bagged a very nice 40cm estuary perch. This was when his rod buckled over and after a fair sort of a battle he landed a big gummy in the shallows. He said that he thought this was a female and she was in pup so he took a few quick pics and released her. After a little rest she swam off strong to swim and fight another day. Well done Rory and we wish you all the best.

Amanda Kellar is a very keen fishing lady and just before compiling this report I received an email from her saying that she is still catching plenty of fish around the Inverloch area. She really likes Screw Creek and says that she likes to try her luck in this area at least once a week and very rarely comes home without a good bag of fish. She says that she loves the area, especially as this is where she can also pump Bass yabbies at her feet. She says that there are still plenty of quality whiting, mullet, trevally, flathead and the occasional pinkies. Her best whiting for the season was a very impressive 44cm followed by another 42cm fish. You do need to have your wits about you if you wade into the water to cast as there are quite a few rays about in the shallows enjoying the warm water.

The area known as Screw Creek is also very productive. Bass yabbies and sand worms have been very good as far as perch and whiting are concerned. The run-out tide is the best time to try your luck and this is when land-based anglers have been doing very well from the south side. There have also been quite good numbers of mullet and the occasional flathead being caught when conditions have allowed.

Mahers Landing has been very good. Boaters have been heading upstream as far as the Double islands where there has been a good variety of fish, which includes couta, flathead, silvers and pinkies. The low water at both sides of the tide is most productive but be careful at very low tide as the soft mud can be a bit of a trap and there can be a fair wait until the incoming tide comes to the rescue. Still in the same area, for those who know where to look, are very good numbers of perch nearby Pound Creek. Bass yabbies and soft plastic lures have been among the successful presentations.

Land-based anglers have also been going along very well where mullet are in very good numbers with best results being on the run-in tide. Silvers, flathead and the occasional gummy shark have been making a trip to this part of the world worth the effort.

The Tarwin River has been reasonable where perch have been the main catch along with mullet and a few silvers. The run-out tide seems to be the most productive with Bass yabbies, sand worms being the best of the baits. Soft plastic lures have also been accounting for some good size perch.

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