Change up from natives
  |  First Published: April 2014

After one of the hottest and driest summers in a while it should be a very interesting April. As the water temp drops significantly, it will bring some decent troutskies up to the surface, which will be a change from focusing solely on natives.

With a bit of luck, we might get some badly needed rain. It could slow down the irrigation release and give some much-needed consistency to the water level so the fish can settle and start to feed in more regular patterns.

It's been a very challenging few months in more ways than one, so as soon as the water starts to maintain height and slowly starts to fill, this should really fire the lake up.

One thing that has really stood out lately is the massive amount of baitfish that are around for whatever reason – I have never seen as much as this before. They look very much like the old favourite pearl olive minnows, which have been the beater on many a fish over the years. I was lucky enough to find a few bags lying around and will be letting them loose very soon.

The reddies have continued to chew but seem to be taking bigger baits than normal, particularly big yabbies. From all reports they are as fat as pigs and not really in need of a feed, but we aren't complaining as there’s nothing like a feed of reddies.

The yellas seem to have just gone deep down the south of the lake and are few and far between. Let's hope when the level stabilises we might get a crack at a few before the real cold sets in.

I’m tipping a very productive lead in to winter on the cod don't know why, just a hunch really. I’m sure some of the bigger bangers will come out to play before too long and my patience and time on the water will pay off. It's been a tough season for me so far, so if you've got onto a few lately I'm very envious. Thinking outside the square is a positive thing for the next period, as you just never know what will happen.


Lately a few lads have been fishing the rise of the water level with great success on the ever-popular pink Tassie with the standout fish a lovely 9lb rainbow. There was another big banger busting off in the same area, so they are still in there just got to be there at the right time!

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