GTS R1 Brisbane Waters
  |  First Published: April 2014

The first Gamakatsu Team Series South round, sponsored by Atomic, was run at Brisbane Waters on 2 March. It was a dual event, with both boats and kayaks fishing for the day, and as usual there were heaps of giveaways for all the anglers and the public.

With a heap of rain falling in the few days before the tournament, anglers were faced with the threat of freshwater pushing through the system and moving their fish from their usual haunts. Team Berkley Mako Eyewear, consisting of Tim Staunton and Chris Gates, were able to work out where the fish were holding and put together a fantastic bag of five for 4.46kg.

The pair fished all session at the Pittwater flats, commonly referred to as the ‘Carpark’. They cast lightly weighted Powerbaits and shrimps on Pflueger and Fireline combos to tempt their bag of XOS fish.

On top of winning the comp they also took out the Big Bream for the day with a 1.46kg fish that illustrated the quality of fish that Brisbane Waters and surrounds can produce. Taking home more than $1500 in cash and prizes, the pair were more than happy with their day on the water.

Finishing in second place and also putting together a 4kg+ bag was team Lost up the River. Simon and Chris also fished the Carpark at Pittwater using 2lb fluorocarbon straight through, casting Gladiator Minnows to put together their bag of 5 fish. Using a mix of Loomis and TCurve rods they fished the flats all day using long searching casts, putting together a great bag for 4.49kg.

Taking out the kayak division was Todd Chown with a spectacular bag of three fish for 2.31kg. Todd fished not far from the start in some oyster racks and caught all of his fish on the surface using Bassday Sugapens, TCurve rods and Sustain reels to make long casts up the racks and monster out these fish. Having his bag by 9:30, Todd was back at the weigh in about an hour and a half early and very confident his bag would be enough to win.

Finishing second in the kayakers was Warren Allen who paddled for an hour each way to get his 3 fish for 1.71kg. Warren used Daiwa combos to cast a mix of Atomic Hardz Crank deeps in the famous muddy prawn colour and ZMan GrubZ to catch his fish.

A huge thanks goes out to the series sponsor Gamakatsu and the naming round sponsor Atomic. For a full list of sponsors and upcoming tournaments go to www.fishingcomps.com.au/gts. - GTS



PositionTeamAnglersBagWeight (kg)
1Berkley/Mako EyewearTim Staunton, Chris Gates54.54
2Lost up a RiverChris Byrne, Simon Mcalpin54.49
3UpgradeCraig Noorbergen, Duncan Eddington54.03
4Newcastlefishing.comBrendon Hughes, Scott Greentree53.05
5Lowrance/EvinrudeMark Healey, Adrian Neoh52.95

Big Bream: Berkley/Mako Eyewear, 1.46kg


1Todd Chown32.31
2Warren Allen31.71
3Stewart Dunn31.63
4Jason Meech31.47
5Glenn Allen31.45

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