Winning weather and species spectrum
  |  First Published: April 2014

Another great month for Central Coast anglers is now upon us and we have got a broad spectrum of species and fishing styles to choose from. Not only that, if all goes well, we should also get that glorious autumn weather so being in the great outdoors will be all the more pleasurable.

Offshore boaties will be rejoicing in the fact that they don’t have to head in early because of those relentless summer northeasterlies are now gone. Cool south westerlies may make for a crisp start but that also means the seas are calm, so it’s easier to concentrate on the actual fishing.

Water temperatures are still normally warm at this time of year although it could start cooling down towards the end of the month. While some of the marlin and mahi mahi action may be fading away this is a very good month for kingfish, especially close in around our headlands and bommies. They are not always big kings, but plenty of fish around 4-8kg can be caught by slow trolling or downrigging live squid or yakkas. If catching live bait is difficult, then squid strips or large soft plastics are the next best thing.

Still around are the bonito and frigate mackerel if you want to top up on some good snapper bait or just get out the light gear and have some fun. Maybe you’ll run into some other fish like mac tuna, salmon, tailor or kingfish when spinning for bonito, as all of these species are likely to show up this month.

If you’re well prepared and keen, then fishing offshore after sunset can also be productive during the autumn months. Mulloway and trag are the main species to chase once the sun sinks down, but some good snapper can also be a bonus.

Back inside the calm water, our estuaries have been fishing well and this trend is sure to continue over the next few weeks. Bream are definitely worth chasing this month, with virtually any sort of lures being in the race, as well as good baits fished early in the morning or at night. If you really love your topwater action than go hard this month as bream may become more hesitant about hitting surface lures as the colder weather moves in.

Flathead, whiting and mulloway are well worth fishing for in April. The blackfish should start coming on too, at places like Woy Woy Channel and the entrance. We certainly have some great estuary action on our hands at the moment!

Rock fishing is another popular and productive arena for those seeking some sport or a fresh feed of fish. Again there’s plenty to choose from. Bonito should still be running close into the rocks so you can get out there with some small metal lures and cast them from some of our deeper rock ledges. Frigate mackerel normally get thicker this month as well, so the younger guys will be getting around Terrigal Haven with their light gear and having some fun with these little silver bullets. The frigates can also show up anywhere, especially places that are sheltered from the main ocean swell.

Some good squid are also around the rocks at the moment and they also like the sheltered bays with a bit of kelp. At some spots you could catch a few squid and then use them to tempt any resident kingfish. Around Catherine Hill Bay and down to Red Ochre there are plenty of excellent spots where you should try this; squid and kings really like this stretch of coastline.

Back on the beaches all the usual favourites can be caught. It may not be mid summer but whiting fishing during the day can be very rewarding and quite relaxing too. Some thumper whiting are caught from all of the beaches along the Central Coast and, even though beach worms or blood worms are often thought of as the best whiting baits, it’s easy enough to find some pipis at your feet while you are fishing.

Bream, tailor, salmon, flathead and mulloway are all a good chance along the beach right now, especially the mulloway. So you can take your pick and as long as the weather is ok then any of these beach species should be yours.

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