Offshore great – when you can get there!
  |  First Published: February 2008

We have had our fair share of windy conditions with only a few trips offshore last month. The fishing however has been very good.


We have had another good run of snapper come through, bagging some on nearly every trip with great squire and quite a few knobbies around 5-6kg.

The build up to the full moon provided some great offshore fishing. Float fishing and a little patience were the trick. Pilchards were the best fresh bait and the amazing Gulp nuclear chicken and lime tiger 7” Jerkshad plastics outshone everything. These soft plastics are expensive bait as they do get trashed easily, but are well worth grabbing a couple of packets for when the fish are fussy.

Pearl perch are also in good numbers and again nuclear chicken Gulps outfished all other bait.

We managed to land a few reds while fishing for snapper but I haven't chased them due to wind and currents on the northern grounds. The reds we have come across have been excellent as always.


There have been very good reports of whiting around Inskip Point and I believe this is common for this time of year. So grab your beach rods when the weather allows, get some worms or pipi and get into some of these tasty little scrapper.

There are also plenty of dart along the entire stretch of beach although they are relatively small.


Whiting is the species to target around the bottom end of Fraser Island. Some very good quality fish have been caught there of late and although we haven't yet experienced really hot weather, mangrove jack are on the chew. I think it will be a really good season for them because they have had so little fishing pressure due to the atrocious weather in late December and early January.

Mud crabs are being potted around Bullock Point and very good catches of sand crabs have been potted in Pelican Bay.

By the time you are reading this report we will be in full swing catching mackerel. All of the bait schools have turned up so the mackerel won't be far behind. I just hope the weather improves so we can make the most of this action packed time of year!

My new vessel is up and running and is a real beauty. She handles the sea extremely well and being a centre cabin it allows for comfortable fishing for up to ten people. She is equipped with all new, top of the range electronics and has a 318hp Yanmar Diesel, giving it plenty of grunt to reach the fishing grounds quickly. She’s a beaut and I’d love to catch you some fish on her.

If you would like to have a fish with Ed Falconer on his charter boat Keeley Rose, give him a call on 0407 146 151.

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