Not like last year!
  |  First Published: April 2014

The weather god has given us a decent flood and the fishing has been red hot in places this year, in stark contrast to last year when it was hard work to catch fish.

The beach has seen plenty of action with some memorable BBQs and awesome fish caught. The locals know how to enjoy life up here and everyone needs to be sociable for it to happen. Some lovely black jew and king salmon were among the catches with 9 fish caught in one session. The continual rain has held up the movement of barramundi through the systems and this will help everyone that now turns up.

Targeting barramundi in the river will now be very productive and some practice at trolling will go a long way towards bringing home the fish. Do not stick the rod in the rod holder as you will not feel the fish bite. By holding the rod you will feel the different touches as your lure bangs along the bottom and it will help you define snags from rocks and mud. If you are not touching the bottom then you are not in the game.

When you bump a snag you should drop the tip back and up to allow the lure to get over the snag and allow the barramundi to grab your lure. This method has caught thousands of fish so give it a go! You will need a good lure retriever, and I use a pole that extends to 4m and a heavy lure retriever with chain links for when it is deeper.

The grunter will appear in good numbers this month so be ready for them as well. You will find them out the front around the sand island and along the sides of the channel. A simple running sinker rig with 12” of 40lb mono leader is the go. Be sure to expect a blue salmon as well as there have been some big ones around.

Sweers Island

This awesome fishing paradise opens its doors for the 2014 season in April, and this year will be like all the rest with plenty of reef fish being caught when the winds drop off. This month will see some nice black jew caught at the Jew Hole which is 700m from the boat mooring area. Golden snapper will still be around until the water cools and these are an awesome eating fish to go with the usual suspects of sweetlip, nannygai and coral trout.

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