Whiting and pinkies go bezerk
  |  First Published: March 2014

What a month of fishing we have had! Warm weather and warm water have brought the fish on the bite, and none more so than Victoria’s favourite fish, the king George whiting.


Port Albert has given us some of the best fishing I have seen in years. The whiting have been spectacular in size and in numbers. Pretty much most of the channels around Sunday Island have been producing good numbers of fish and the usual popular spots, such as The Pines, Old Port and One Tree have been as good a place as any to go.

The whiting are averaging 36cm in length, but there are plenty at 40cm, and some nearly cracking the 45cm. I have even seen a few photos of some lucky anglers holding 50cm whiting, but only 1 or 2.

If you head left towards Kearney’s entrance there have been good bags of whiting caught there as well. Manns Beach was producing great numbers until very recently when they seemed to disappear, which doesn’t surprise me when we have to compete with commercial netters netting this tiny little waterway.

The flathead have been very good as well, certainly a lot better than they were in December and this year we have seen some thumping big flathead landed to 75cm, mainly in the Snake Channel. Bigger soft plastics, such as 4” minnows and shads are accounting for most of the bigger flathead, but good numbers are getting caught by bait fishers chasing whiting and gummies.

A very nice surprise has been the amount of pinkies in the system. When chasing whiting you are likely to get half a dozen 30cm+ pinkies as well, making for great sport and a great feed. The pinkies at port Albert have been up to 40cm in length, however there are plenty of 27cm undersized pestering the whiting anglers as well. Toward Kearney’s entrance and Manns Beach, there are bigger pinkies getting caught up to the 2kg mark.

Lastly, the whiting are getting caught on pipis, fresh squid and Bass yabbies; it’s the same for the pinkies as well.

Get over inside and chase some prawns. They have been very abundant and you can easily get a few kilos on a still night whether you are walking and dipping or in your boat anchored in the channel.

Andrew Gill found out there are a heap of south Gippy green clickers mixed in with the prawns as well. I’d love to have a heap of these for some nice live baits myself.


Monster gummies are all I’m hearing about. There are photos left right and centre of 6’ gummies. This truly is the best season ever for gummy sharks and they are so plentiful; it’s commonplace to get a 15kg+ or even 20kg+ gummy offshore. They are widespread from Manns Beach to just in front of Mcloughlins in 12m, 15m and 21m and they are spread all the way past the hedges as well. If you have some fresh salmon, trevally or slimy mackerel, of which there are plenty around to catch live, you will probably catch a monster sized gummy shark.

There are plenty of flock of birds working offshore now and anglers are catching rat kings and a few striped tuna recently as well. There are also some massive salmon offshore to 4kg so there is no problems getting fresh bait if you need it. In saying that, plenty of big gummy sharks are getting caught on pilchards and squid as well.

For more information, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 51748544. You will get expert advice and great deals on fishing bait and tackle. Tune into Rex Hunt and Lee Rayner’s “Off the Hook” on 1242 to hear Will’s report on what’s going on in Gippsland!

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