Cod still falling for bait
  |  First Published: March 2014

March is looking to be an absolute cracker with the yellas and reddies back on the chew to complement the great cod fishing that we have had over summer.

All the signs are now good with the redfin moving up into about 12-14m in fair numbers with the schools ranging from 500g to 1.75kg (4lb); some really good quality table fish.

Small yabbies have been going great lately, as well as the good old scrub worm. However, the best soft plastic is still smackin ‘em, which is the Black and Gold T-Tail.

For those of you who love fishing Jackalls for redfin but get very frustrated loosing expensive lures in trees (I'm one of them) go into your local tackle store and get yourself either single in-line hooks or some soft trebles (that will bend and come off the snags easily), and upgrade your braid and leader; you won't loose any lures and will save yourself a small fortune.

Of late the yellas have been coming on the chew. They are not massive fish but good quality models around the 30-40cm range (by far the best eating size) once again the yabbies have produced the most numbers.

It's funny sometimes the way the feeding patterns change at the drop of a hat. It just goes to show that the lake is super healthy and has a lot of food on offer for all species.

The ever-reliable StumpJumper in purple and black has been going strong and has picked up some yellas and a lot of cod. It's been staggering how many small cod have been caught this summer with literally 100s between 30-50cm, and some good-sized cod up to 90cm on the troll and casting spinnerbaits. I had my first serious opportunity to get a big one last month but this behemoth tore me a new one and took me into his territory and beat me comfortably! It was hard to take but I know where he lives, until next time...

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