Settled water brings rewards
  |  First Published: March 2014

As our weather and water levels have settled down into a more regular pattern, so have our fish. I regard the next three months as the best time to fish.

It’s time to get out the deep diving lures, the big Oar-Gees, Custom Crafted, Stumpies and the like. Now is the time I try my brighter lure colours as the water clarity is better. Don’t be afraid to try a lure that’s been in the collection for sometime and perhaps been a little forgotten.

After establishing the depth from your sounder, choose the lure that will get down to where the fish will be with the bib bouncing on the bottom every now and then and knocking over the timber. Invest in a lure retriever, as this is not nice country. When you have saved two or three lures the lure retriever will have paid for itself.

I generally establish an area that looks like good trolling water and work it up and down a few times, changing lures every 20 minutes if I get no results. If casting from the boat and working fallen trees, be prepared to have multiple casts at the snag, as often the cod will not be enticed on the first or second attempt. It pays to annoy them until they strike or you believe it’s time to move on.

I see a lot of people trolling with rods in rod holders. This leads to more lures getting snagged than if you hold the rods because a hand-held rod will telegraph what the lure is running over. If it feels like a snag, you can drop the rod tip back and allow the lure to float over the structure – most times. You can also feel any hits better and that’s all part of the fun.

Some areas that have been fishing well from reports flowing into the shop are around Torrumbarry and Gunbower Creek, which are seeing some good golden perch as well as cod on both bait and lures. The deeper holes in the Campaspe between Echuca and Elmore have been great for anglers casting lures.

The Goulburn has been hot and cold as the water managers have been adjusting the height continually. This can change the results accordingly but bait anglers have had some top catches in recent times. The Narrows around Barmah have been very consistent all season with some big fish and the Edwards River, although very snaggy, has been worth the effort. Just take care in boats.

The best baits remain scrub worms, grubs and yabbies and with the river having plenty of shrimp invest in a shrimp net and be prepared to put a few on your hook at one time and they will work very well.

So the good weather will be with us for quite a while, yet it’s a good time to get out amongst them, good luck.

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