A change is in the air
  |  First Published: March 2014

The changing seasons also mean a change to the cooler weather and a change in target species.

As the cooler months approach we will hopefully see more predictable weather patterns. This will give boat owners more options as the outer reefs become more accessible.

This not to say that the mackerel fishing that we have enjoyed over the last couple of months is over, we just have a lot more options. In fact, this is the time that the really big Spanish mackerel move onto the inshore reefs, Jew Shoal, Sunshine Reef and Little Halls are all within striking distance for the smaller boat as well as the seasoned kayaker.

Chicko, our resident expert on all things offshore, is a great man to talk to in Davos. Chicko has been fishing the area as a recreational and professional fisher most of his life and has a wealth of knowledge on fishing outside. So for all the latest info come in and see the team and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

March is also a great month to go bottom bouncing for species like coral trout and grassy sweetlip. Early mornings are best for trout with baits of squid and pilchards. You may also like to try soft plastics: the Z-Man scented jerk shad in the coconut ice or the nuclear chicken in the Gulp are well worth a try. Simply get them to 1m off the bottom and put the rod in the rod holder, the motion of the boat will work the plastic while you are sitting back and enjoy a cool refreshment, but don’t be too relaxed as the fish hit hard and as soon as they feel they are hooked they will be heading for the nearest bit of coral or hidey hole and the fight will be over before it begins.

When bait fishing try using a running rig with the bait on the bottom and try to fish the leading edge of the reef depending on the run as this is where the bigger fish will be waiting for a passing feed. Sunshine and Little Halls reefs will be the place to be with good numbers of grassy sweetlip and coral trout.

Further out on Chardon and North reefs you can expect to find pearl perch and the odd snapper as the water cools over the coming months. Mackerel, mahi mahi and big cobia are all still about. That is the great thing about this time of the year the options are endless.

In the river there are still plenty of mangrove jack around and this is a great time of year to target them. A trip up between the lakes in the Noosa River early in the morning can be very rewarding. Trolling hard-bodied lures early in the day can produce good numbers of jacks. My favourite lures at the moment are the Lucky Craft Slim Shad D-9, there are a decent array of colours and they dive nice and deep where the jacks are hiding during the sunny part of the day.

Alternatively get yourself out of bed at sunrise and fire some good surface walkers around the snags. This is a very exciting way to fish as you see the bow wave of the fish as they are about to hit the lure. You can have some amazing sessions on surface jacks.

This has been a great season for mangrove jack with some sensational fish up to 60cm being taken in the river, so grab some lures and get out there.

Further down river the action has been equally good with large trevally, tailor and big flathead all on the menu.

Another great fish to target at this time of the year is the school mulloway. There have been a lot of these caught around the turn of the tide at the river mouth. As the small bait fish move into the river on the incoming tide, these fish follow, so if it is early morning and the tide is almost high, try some of the Squidgies Pro Range Whip Baits in the 100mm. Just remember your legal size limits of 75cm and a bag limit of two.

The Frying Pan in the Noosa River has been fishing well for whiting. Popping for these succulent fish is great fun. There are some great flats at the Frying Pan and this is perfect territory for whiting. Head into Davos and pick up one of the sinking Crystal Pops, they are a great little popper for whiting as they will sink a little as you pause in your recovery. This helps to lift the fish off the bottom and gets them interested enough to bite.

On the beaches it’s been all about the tailor with a 5.6kg fish being taken up at Teewah on Noosa North Shore last month. That equates to over 12lb, a 10lb tailor is on a lot of beach fisher’s bucket lists. It is great to see that fish like this are still around. Now is the perfect time to be heading for the beach with the weather a little cooler, so get over to Noosa’s North Shore and have a crack.

The southern beaches have also fished well with good sized tailor, dart and even the odd trevally all being taken.

So on your next visit to Noosa grab your fishing gear and head out onto this great waterway, for all the latest information log onto www.fishingnoosa.com.au for up to date bar and fishing reports and don’t forget to drop into Davo’s Tackle World Noosa or Davo’s Northshore at Marcoola to find out where the fish are biting. Tight Lines and BentSpines!

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