All systems are go!
  |  First Published: March 2014

Last year at this time I was expecting that we would get a late wet, but we missed out totally. This year we got a wet happening and all systems are now go! Water will flush the barramundi out of the lagoons and put them in anglers’ way.

Opening day was a real effort with not many people catching a fish due to the large tide and not much run-off, but it has now changed and good times are coming.

For the record, I did catch a legal barra but I used 100L of fuel to do it, including enough casts to sink a battleship!

All the drains will fire at some stage of the tide so don't be afraid to go back at a different stage to try again. I also stated last year that doing the same thing each year will not get results if the weather pattern changes, and that will apply again this year.

The barramundi will be out the front on the big tides and my favourite place is off the beach on the first part of the run-out tide with live bait or soft plastics. You can also catch plenty of bream around 40cm if set up for them. They hang out in the rocks in front of the fisheries houses and as more people find the spot it can get crowded, so please do not fish in someone’s back pocket.

It is also a good time to remind people not to anchor up in the channel as the barge can only operate there and can’t stop in a hurry. It amazes me the amount of people who do this, then whinge as they see this big barge bearing down on them. There is a huge space on both sides of the channel to anchor up and this gives you the opportunity to place one bait in the channel and one in the shallows. You may find that the one in the shallows will catch the fish.

Heading out to the rubble patches in the calm weather is a good move as the golden snapper should be around and in reasonable numbers. These fish tend to school in certain areas so move around until you find them. A simple running sinker rig using 40lb mono trace will get the job done. I like to use peeled prawns for bait but try different things as you never know.

Please check before coming by ringing the Normanton police on (07 4745 2555).

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