Fab weather marches on
  |  First Published: March 2014

We have had another nice little run of weather that allowed us to get offshore a few times with fantastic results.


Spotted and Spanish mackerel have turned up again. Our first trip out after a bit of a blow saw us get about 4 miles offshore where mobs of birds were working and huge balls of bait were being smashed by bigger fish. I quickly rigged up one of my clients and myself with an 85g Raider lure to throw out amongst them to test what they were. Neither of us managed a full turn of the reel before we were on – they were big spotted mackerel and we were all bagged out in 20 minutes.

Spanish mackerel were also ravenously hitting just about anything that moved.

Other pelagics that have been biting really well offshore are plenty of cobia and mahi mahi. We have been picking these species up on trolled baits and lures as well.

The reef fishing has been exceptionally good. We have had some terrific catches of pearl perch, lots of parrot and Moses perch and some great sweetlip in close.

Around the full moon we have been getting some nice snapper, mostly around the 2-3kg size.


There have been lots of mud crabs. Everyone seems to be getting a good feed of them all through the straits. The only problem is there appears to be a fair bit of ‘share farming’ going on. Shame on them! It's probably a good idea to keep an eye on your pots.

Flathead have been biting well in the straits. Drifting with flesh baits and using Squidgy soft plastics has been providing the quality fish.

There have been some good catches of whiting caught at Big Mick and at the mouth of Kauri Creek. Freshly pumped yabbies have been a good enough bait to entice the whiting.


There have been plenty of dart along the beach. Pretty much anywhere you go you will land yourself a feed. Quality hasn't been great, but there are plenty of them.

Good whiting have also been landed at the Oaks, but I have had reports that this is a late afternoon endeavour.

March is one of those months where there are plenty on offer, both pelagics and reef fish. The only down side could be the weather. But hey, November weather is usually crap and last November we had some of our best ever.

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