Welcoming towards winter
  |  First Published: March 2014

As we approach the end of one of the longest hottest, driest and windiest summers for sometime, most anglers can't wait for winter to get here. But before it disappears for another year, it's time to make hay while the sun still shines!


These rivers have been thick with prawns and the quality is improving with the bigger prawn starting to run.

King threadfin salmon love prawns and at times only live prawns fished light have been the only thing bringing them undone. Live herring, prawn profile plastics and Thready Thrashers are all worth a try and some big fish up to 17kg have been pulled out of these systems recently.

In the lower reaches, bream and flathead have been a reliable option on plastics and hardbodies. Pumping a few yabbies is worth the effort if a fresh feed of whiting is what you’re after.


The local reefs are fishing well for blackall, coral bream, scarlets, cod, juvenile snapper and blue parrot on a mixture of live/fresh baits and plastics. Target these species at places like Bagimba, the Arty, Moon Ledge and the picnics on better tides, tide changes and dawn and dusk for best results.

The fairway buoy is always a popular spot for boaties, and for good reason it holds fish! Recently mackerel, golden trevally, tuna and cobia have kept anglers on their toes trying to extract them around all the other boats and the marker, which can be an artform in itself.

When fishing the fairway it pays to back off on wire traces or keep them to a minimum length (single strand works great). Fish all depths of the water column with livebait, pillies, squid, metal and plastics to get amongst them.


The spotties have been the main drawcard with good numbers of fish spread throughout the area. Spanish, grey mackerel, longtails, trevally and queenfish are also in on the action feeding on the same baitfish the spotties are carving up.

Billfish are still a viable option with many fish being caught inside Rooneys leading into winter.

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