Regional improvements increase fishing
  |  First Published: February 2014

The fishing has continued to improve at all of the most popular fishing destinations in the Bendigo area. We have finally received some improved weather conditions and this has seen the overall productivity in the fishing increase.


The redfin fishing has been slow but we have started to see an increase in catch rates over the last few weeks. The productivity in the redfin fishing should continue to improve in the short term.

While the numbers of redfin being caught has been low there have been small numbers of some very big redfin being landed by anglers. Some of the larger redfin are measuring up to 48cm in length, these are cracker redfin! While anglers have to work hard for these fish, they are definitely worth the effort.

The majority of the large redfin have been caught in deep water. Trolling deep diving hardbody lures, such as Custom Crafted Basshunter and Australian Crafted Invaders, have been productive lures. When a concentration of redfin has been located, casting soft plastics has also been an effective method. Increasing numbers of small redfin are being caught around the edges of the lake.

The number of golden perch captures has remained good. The majority of the golden perch being caught have measured from 40-45cm with the occasional larger golden being landed. Trolling medium-sized hardbody lures in depth ranges between 3-5m has been productive. Casting small hardbody lures and lipless crankbaits around rocky shorelines and standing timber has also been a productive method.

It has been encouraging to see small numbers of Murray cod continue to be caught at this location. While the fishing is currently good, if water levels start to drop too quickly there will be a negative effect on the fishing so get out and wet a line while the going is good.


The fishing in the Campaspe River has improved dramatically in recent weeks. Water clarity is currently good at most locations; typically at this time of the year rainfall is low and only has minimal effect on the river.

However if large volumes are released from Lake Eppalock water clarity can deteriorate. At the present time reasonable numbers of golden perch and Murray cod are being caught. The majority of these have been caught by anglers walking the banks fishing the shallower sections of the river.

Casting spinnerbaits, lipless crankbaits and hardbody lures have all been effective. Small numbers of Murray cod have also been caught by anglers fishing a range of surface lures during periods of low light. At the present time, white coloured lures have been the most productive. I believe the productivity of the fishing should remain good for the next few weeks.


It is pleasing to report there has been a significant increase in the numbers of golden perch and Murray cod, which have been caught at this location lately. The largest Murray cod that I have heard of measured 75cm; the majority of cod have measured between 45-55cm.

Some anglers who have had good days have managed to land up to six Murray cod in one day. This is very encouraging for the future fishing opportunities.

The numbers of golden perch being caught lately has also increased with some up to 60cm in length.

Trolling hardbody lures around the edges of the lake in depth ranges between 2-4m has been productive. Casting lipless crankbaits around the edges has also produced. With water levels continuing to fall, the majority of fish will start to move into deeper water.

The redfin fishing has been spasmodic with the schools moving a lot lately. Anglers who have located a good school have experienced good fishing at that location for a day or two then the school moves on. The majority of large redfin have been caught in depths greater than 8m.

Again like other locations anglers are encouraged to make the most of the productive fishing while it lasts. If water levels continue to drop, this will have a negative effect on the productivity in the fishing.


Good numbers of golden perch are currently being caught in the Loddon River. Their average size has been from 40-48cm on lipless crankbaits and medium-sized hardbody lures.

Water clarity has improved in recent weeks. It can change very quickly depending on water releases from impoundments along the system. If increased volumes are being released from Laanecoorie, the water clarity will deteriorate.

The numbers of Murray cod being caught in the Loddon River has also increased in recent weeks. The majority have been caught by anglers casting spinnerbaits and hardbody lures. Anglers fishing at night with surface lures are currently catching increased numbers of Murray cod. Good results have been reported by anglers fishing with the new Jackall Pompadour surface lure with the colours black bone and tonosamagaeru being the most popular.

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