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  |  First Published: February 2014

The weather conditions in this part of the coastline have not been all that inviting, as far as fishing has been concerned, and as a result the reports have been infrequent.

Having said that, there have been some pleasing stories. Just before this report there was a very impressive mako that weighed in just on the 100kg mark caught outside the entrance under a balloon. There have not been any other reports of a mako but by the time this report hits the street there will be others no doubt.

Still outside the entrance, when conditions have allowed there have been very good numbers of salmon being caught on surface lures as well as flathead and gummies.

The entrance has been productive with good size flathead being caught making an appearance along with snapper and plenty of gummies making a trip to the area worthwhile. The Franklin Channel has also been good for flathead and pinkies that are in very impressive numbers.

Whiting have been making a trip to the Lewis Channel worth the effort, where they are up to the 38cm mark and are taking Bass yabbies, pipis and squid. The jetties have been very successful as far as land-based anglers are concerned. This is where there have been mullet in very good numbers as well as silvers, flathead, squid and the occasional whiting.

On the other side of the inlet at Yanakie, where the caravan park is run by Locke Roberts, the reports are positive. The beaches have been going along very well and land-based anglers are having a ball. This is where good size flathead, gummy sharks and pinkie snapper are being caught in pleasing numbers. Good numbers of whiting have also been landed in the Middle Channel. If you happen to come across a successful boat crew and ask where they caught their fish you will probably get a sweeping hand in the general direction of the inlet. Of course this will be of no real help at all, but that’s fishing!

Like other areas in this region there are huge numbers of juvenile gummy sharks and this is a positive sign for the future. The same can be said for the flathead population, so at least we have something positive to look forward to.

Port Albert a short distance to the east where Rob Killury runs the general store. Rob has his finger on the pulse as far as fishing is concerned. He has installed a gantry that handles just about any size shark and scales to cater for the smaller fish. He says that the fishing season is in full swing and a visit to the area would be well worthwhile. A visiting boat crew called into the store to buy some fresh bait that Rob always has on hand and asked for directions as to where they might catch a fish. Rob pointed them to a spot about 300m from the jetty and off they went. A short time later they returned to the store for some more bait and were very happy with their efforts and full of thanks as they had already a very nice mixed bag of fish that included a 50cm flathead, salmon, silvers and mullet. They said that from now on they will be back as often as they can and call in for directions.

Rob says that inside the entrance has probably been better than outside where there has been a very good variety of fish being caught. Pinkies are in very good numbers in the 3kg mark and taking a variety of baits that include pilchards, fish fillets and squid. Gummies seem to be everywhere, as well as mullet.

Outside the entrance there have been pleasing numbers of gummies and snapper, which is welcome news. The 20m mark seems to be the best spot to try your luck.

I am still receiving reports from those adventurous souls who like to try their luck at night. They bait up a line with a variety of presentations and swim out to deeper water well beyond casting distance, drop the bait and swim back to shore. All that needs to happen then is a bite, on the bait that is, and good luck to them.

Phil Janson runs the Seabank Caravan park with wife Elisha and says that whenever he can get out he has been doing very well on flathead and silvers mainly. There have also been a sprinkling of whiting, silvers and mullet, but he always targets the gummies and flathead; these are the only fish that his wife Elisha will eat!


These flathead were caught off the Port Albert jetty on the run-in tide.


Sam Donner visiting from America with a very nice salmon caught at Port Albert.


Tigh Liddle with a decent squid caught on the run-in tide.

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