Terrific trout and redfin rumble
  |  First Published: February 2014

With summer finally making a much-awaited appearance, water temps are rising as the days get longer and warmer. Redfin are starting to school up and get active with more comfortable conditions prevailing. Trout continue to dominate the reports across the board but so far they were becoming increasingly hard to tempt.

Warmer days bring insect and mudeye hatches making the salmonoid species a bit fussier and temperamental. With an abundance of food in all forms blow into the waterways lure fishing becomes a little less productive but still very efficient in first/last light scenarios. Fly fishers come to the fore and the smart lure/plastic fishos matching the hatch still reap the rewards with cunning.

Mudeye under bubble floats are the dominating way of connecting with big trout and with correct placement and presentation results continue to roll in.


This lake continues to shine with most methods taking fish consistently. We recently filmed an action-packed show with Paul Worstleing and the IFISH crew here capturing some of the best trout action you will see! So look out for it going to air around June/July.

Mudeye under bubble floats and lures are doing the job here of late. Tassie Devils in white clown, holographic and blue/pink combos as well as the yellow winged are best. The barometer seems to dictate the mood here and in my experience rising above 1015 produces optimum results.

With low water levels and massive weed growth, fishing is becoming restricted to the main larger area on the southwest end of the lake. Of late, a few redfin are starting to appear in catches. We have taken browns and rainbows up to 3.1kg in the last few weeks.

Taylors Lake

Taylors also has improved with the warmer weather with some great yellowbelly and redfin falling to scrub worms, yabbies and lures.

RMG Scorpions and Jackalls as well as StumpJumpers have been the best tempters.

Rocklands Reservoir

After a very docile spring a few redfin are being taken now the water temps are on the rise. As it is a deeper lake it takes longer to warm, so it’s to be expected, and should produce redfin right through until April/May.

StumpJumpers, RMG and most hardbody lures of all diving depths will produce but my favourite are the Stumpys in size 3 working amongst the trees in around 3-4m of water.

Lake Fyans

Fyans is staring to produce fish it was once known for a decade ago, before drought and overfishing reduced it to its knees. Trout to 2kg and redfin not far behind are becoming common but the average is probably half these sizes.

Browns and rainbows freely take Tassies and the Diawa Double Clutch has also been a winner.

Lake Lonsdale

I'm sad to have to report that the authorities have once again gone with the ‘environmental flush’ excuse to drain this lake that produced so many trophy redfin over the last few months. There is still water there but becoming almost impossible to fish by boat.

Yabby hunters will have to get in quick as the pelicans and cormorants will soon take all tasty offerings in shallow water.

Lake Wartook

Nestled in the Grampians is this beautiful lake, which is worth a drive just to look at, but the fishers who prepare with mudeye, scrub worms, Powerbait and even prawn and yabby tails, are taking their fair share of beaut trout and some very nice redfin as well.

Trolling early morning and late afternoon will also produce both species.

Lake Bellfield

Just out of the Halls Gap township, Bellfield is the home of many smaller redfin, some rapidly growing chinook salmon and some hard to tempt larger trout.

Scrub worms on the bottom or under a float work well. Hardbodies, plastics and vibes are the choice in lures and colours can vary from day to day. What worked yesterday and filled the bag won't raise a look the following day, hence the frustration of a day at Bellfield.

Remember electric motors only allowed.

Lake Bolac

Just prior to Christmas some cracking rainbows were taken in Bolac after some settled weather improved its clarity. Fish were around the 3kg mark and taken on gudgeon fished on the bottom and under a float. Mudeye also accounted for one as well as a Tassie Devil in lumo pink.

Hoping everyone had a safe and enjoyable New Year and look forward to seeing you out on the water soon. Please remember to take your rubbish with you, be very careful with fires and observe local restrictions/bans. Very importantly watch out for snakes!

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