Road ahead is clear
  |  First Published: February 2014

The Stanage Road is in fairly good condition at the moment with no major holes, corrugation or washouts. However, there is a lot of dust, so if travelling with mates or following another vehicle, be sure to hold back until you have clear vision in front of you.

Boat Ramp and Parking

Some people think the ramp is only for one boat at a time – wrong. It’s two lane and one holding spot to the side for experienced boaties. Be considerate and let others if front of you if you need more time to launch your boat.

The parking is on the angle and off the two lane dirt road. Reverse your trailer towards the mangroves at a 45o angle if possible. Bigger rigs can parallel park just down below and beside the Coast Guard headquarters.

Speaking of the Coast Guard, the new 2014 Info Tide, Calendars are now available for a donation of $5. So when you come up, don’t forget the $66 joining fee per annum for the free assist tow, as well as $5 for the tides.

Mud Crabs

It’s been a good start to the season. The mighty monster muddies are doing what they should; shedding their carapaces/shells to become even bigger (approximately 20mm per shed) then breeding, then potting.

Please throw back the empty ones. If you can push in any part of a muddy, they will not be full of meat and a waste. Give it time and the muddies meat will fill their shell.

My new pots (I am proud to have been part of in their creation) are now available. They have 12mm bottom rings and 10mm top rings and are hot dip galvanised, unlike the cheaper counter parts, with heavier gauge mesh.

Don’t be fooled like some and think the more pots you have the more crabs you catch, it’s simply not true. The more pots you have the less time to set them properly with the best bait. Don’t forget to move your crab pots around, whether you catch a muddie or not.


The estuaries have been awesome with huge mulloway returning, just like in 2002 and 2003 era. Luckily there is a bag limit! Where else can you stand at the boat ramp and watch one small boat pull in twelve 80cm-1m fish.

The usual has also been pulled in, like cod, bream, golden snapper and barra.

On the ‘oops’ side of the barra catches, old mate, no names, holidaying from Childers with his family hooked a 1m or so long barra only to use a faulty landing net. Needless to say, the $35 landing net he was too tight to purchase off me was soon bought by his son (dad was too embarrassed to come over).

Reef and Islands

In between the wind, northerlies, and the huge tides. Outside has been on fire with good catches of red throat emperor, grassy sweetlip, and red emperor, with only small quantities of red jew and coral trout being pulled in and kept.

Come on fellas I know you were outside fishing and catching, not releasing too much, so share your pics with me not just Facebook them.

Remember Stanage Bay Marine & Accommodation NEEDS YOU to keep us here, so buy your bait, ice and tackle including crab pots from me next time you visit – don’t carry the excess load there really is no need. SBMA have exceptional bait, ice and tackle prices and real value for money accommodation. No sales = no income = no von at Stanage.

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