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  |  First Published: December 2013

Just thinking about fishing the Tweed River in January gives me goosebumps! It is one of the best months of the year to fish the river, particularly this year as we haven’t had massive amounts of rain. Although we did get some cracker storms through November and December and that really livened things up.

The bait in the river is awesome to see, there’s big mullet, prawns of all sizes, poddy mullets, everything that a marauding GT could want. And where would you catch a GT on the Tweed you ask? Well, just about anywhere, using a simple slug lure or popper and some heavy-duty gear.

When I say anywhere I mean it, as I’ve caught these fish in every part of the river, however there are a few standout spots and the best time to fish them coincides perfectly with the January holidays.

As the river in the middle of the day is pretty packed it can be hard to find a place to fish from the banks, so the best time to go out is night or very early morning. It was during the night I caught my PB 10kg GT and a PB 7kg tailor at the Jack Evans Boat Harbour next to Twin Towns. It has two entrances to the river with pylons positioned in a way that they make a perfect casting platform. I was casting the slug as far as I could then ripping it back across the water – when these GT hit a lure on the surface it really gets the adrenalin going. You’d better be quick as they move fast. The good news is they often come through the harbour in massive numbers.

One night my mate Richard Creighton said to me, “Can you hear that?” I could hear something but I had no idea what I was listening to. Then I saw it – a massive school of trevs smashing bait and heading straight for us. I’ve never seen anything like it, a luminescent blue/silver glow changing constantly, charging, stopping then switching directions, what a sight! We were standing on rocks right next to the water when they came straight at us, bait fish started jumping out of the water and landing on our feet, both our lures got smashed first casts on the drop. We caught a few each in quick succession then the fish moved on chasing the fleeing bait. All this while listening to a concert at the Roxy Pro over the hill – a pretty good fishing spot

Another great and challenging place to catch trevs and jacks is the oyster leases in Terranora Broadwater near Seagulls. The fish love this place, maybe because they feel safe in amongst the narky, snaggy leases. I suggest you up your leader to at least 15lb, I use 25lb as I’ve been smoked so many times there. To extract a fish out of the racks, you’ve got to be quick and ruthless and that heavy leader allows it. I don’t use a slug, but a popper instead as this allows you at high tide to cast over the leases without snagging up. As I said, be ready to strike quick because it all happens in the blink of an eye.

I often see boats on the outside of the racks casting into them from the safety of the deeper water, but to fish them properly you’ve got to get in amongst them. My yak and Richard’s boat both have quite a few scratches from the racks. We’ve caught so many fish there from trevs to bream and once I ran into a school of jacks, but that’s another story, an expensive one. I can remember hooking up to a nice dish size GT right in the middle of the racks and I only had 8lb leader on. The fish proceeded to go screaming straight up the tram lines out into deeper water where I landed him, he could’ve done me any which way, but didn’t.

To get to the leases be careful, as the Tweed is pretty shallow in some areas down that way, lift your motor up a little and take it slow. With predictions of warmer weather the big fish will start to show up around Barneys Point, which is another good spot. This time last year a local fisho caught a 19kg GT under the bridge, he reckoned it put up a good fight!

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I'd like to introduce myself, my name is David Solano and I'm a local Tweed fisho. I live on the water and spend a lot of time chasing all the various fish the Tweed River has to offer. I'm going to share with you my tips, hot spots and always a good yarn as this place goes off.

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