Black jew in good numbers
  |  First Published: December 2013

2013 was a unusual year in that the lack of a wet season changed the pattern of most fish. We found them in places where they had not been before, and we’re all hoping things will go back to normal and we will get an awesome flood. That will make life easier for all of you coming up here to catch a fish. Karumba has always been a great place to get a metre barramundi, and with the help of an experienced guide you’ll find it is even easier.

Last year my resolution was to get calm winds. It worked, but we always seemed to get them when I had to work so this year I have gone for calm winds on weekends. I am feeling confident that I have it right so feel free to thank me when you are up here in the calm conditions.

Good rain in December has alleviated our water restrictions and set us up for an awesome wet season to come. Our Barramundi Discovery Centre has had a breed of barramundi fry that will restock the river and provide much-needed help for other restocking groups. We were able to supply the Mount Isa group with 250,000 fry that they sent to an east coast hatchery to grow out. We ended up with 1.4 million fry from one fish in two nights, which was incredible. I would like to thank James Cook University for their fantastic support. They supplied technical advice and hands-on help that was awesome.


When the winds are calm it is a good time to chase grunter out the front and even venture out to the rubble patches to catch some golden snapper (fingermark). Please remember to drink plenty of water and have shade as it will be 38ºC and 98% humidity. Giant trevally will be there as well, and I have to warn you that inferior gear will not land these monsters.

Black jew have turned up in good numbers and the easy way to catch them is off the beach. The best way is with a running sinker and a good size hook of at least 7/0.

Mud crabs are about and they have been full, so bring some pots and have a good time.

The start of the wet season can mean that we get cut off for 4-6 weeks depending on the amount of rain, so please ring the Normanton police (07 4745 1133) before heading up to make sure you can get through.

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