Live bait + patience = reds!
  |  First Published: December 2013

We have been blessed with great weather lately. Calm seas, clear days and some hot fishing as well.


Fishing offshore in general has been red hot. We’ve had probably the best late spring and early summer fishing I have seen in a few years.

We have had our first run of spotted mackerel which saw us with early bag-outs of top quality fish, many around the 5-6kg mark.

Other pelagic species are also going off, with small Spanish mackerel, cobia and mahi mahi (dolphinfish) all becoming part of the day’s catch.

On the reef scene, we have managed very good catches of pearl perch, bagging out on quite a few trips.

Parrotfish and moses perch are really on the chew in great quality and quantity. The moses perch we’ve been getting are some of the biggest I have ever seen.

The fishing gets even better in the close offshore reefs. Do you want to know the equation for success? Live bait plus patience equals BIG reds!

While live baiting we have also caught some big estuary cod. They just love live yakkas.

January is a full-on action month with mackerel providing endless action and entertainment, but will I largely rely on the weather remaining fairly dry.

If the reef fishing continues its current trend, I predict we’ll be in for some red hot summer fishing.

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