Repeating a rewarding year
  |  First Published: December 2013

2013 certainly has been a year to remember for us fishos. Looking back over some of the stories I have written and the events, it has been a richly rewarding year.

We have had some great fishing adventures throughout the Burrum River system and offshore over the last 12 months, which has produced some wonderful fishing action. I feel truly blessed to live in such a wonderful (fishing) location in our great country, to have such a loving family and really great friends – too many to name of course but you know who you are. I also start to consider tomorrow, what is possible, what opportunities are abound and start to get excited about what could be.

Obviously there are more aspects to life than fishing, but let’s face it what else would you rather be doing? So looking into the mystery bag of 2014 what have we got on the angling radar?


Bait: Live bait with an accompaniment of mullet strips, whiting frames, and squid will be the order of the day.

Rigs: Running ball with between 20-40lb mono and braid line accompanied by 6/0-9/0 hooks off mono leaders have been most productive over wire.

Species: Coral trout, red emperor, grunter, snapper, tuna, grassy sweetlip, mackerel, golden trevally (for sport), hussar, nannygai, cobia, parrot/tusk fish, cod, just to name a few.

Tides: Early mornings just before sun-up historically have been great on the incoming tide along with the turn for the start of the run-out.

River Action

Bait: Live bait herring, poddy mullet, and yabbies remain the staples with an accompaniment of mullet and squid strips should be the order of the day.

Rigs: Running ball with between 6-20lb mono or braid line accompanied by 1, 1/0-2/0 hooks off mono leaders has been most productive.

Tip: Having multiple rods on board helps to quickly shift the fishing focus for each species.

Species: Bream (yellow, black, tarwhine), whiting (summer/winter), flathead (dusky and sandy), grunter (spotted and barred), mulloway, mangrove jack, sickle and bat fish, golden trevally, just to name a few.

Tides: The incoming tide along with the turn for the start of the run-out, late afternoons/early evenings are quite productive.

Tip: The Burrum River system is known for its pelagic species, also be prepared!

The Fishing Ahead

In looking forward to possibilities of 2014, the Burrum River system has some of the best all-round fishing on the east coast. It certainly provides you with some great fishing tales while you catch up on some well-earned R&R.

Locals love a chat so ask for some local knowledge and remember the ladies are good for some hints too. Local traders are well supplied with bait, tackle and all the fishing essentials to help all members of the family to have a great time.

A big thank you to all who have contributed to the stories of 2013, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may the New Year be a success for you all. Be safe and take care.

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