Wendouree is the number one destination
  |  First Published: December 2013

Lake Wendouree is the number one destination around the Ballarat district. The lake is probably fishing the best it has for decades and the angler numbers are certainly proof of that, they seem to be coming from near and far to catch a trout or redfin in the middle of Ballarat.

Anglers have been catching trout on all methods but are by no means easy to catch. Most anglers are fishing early in the morning or on evening and into the dark. On overcast days the fish seem to bite all day due to the shallowness of the lake and are not scared off by the bright sun. Flyfishers have been having excellent sessions when the mayfly hatch. Although not in the numbers of pre-drought years, the trout still love them.

As we start to move into our warmer weather the mudeyes in the lake will start to move. The best fly patterns are Mrs Simpson, Craigs Night Time, Hammill Killers, Fur Flies and Muddler Minnows. These patterns are successful from boat and shore.

Hepburn Lagoon and Newlyn Reservoirs

These waterways have provided some excellent fishing over the past months with both waters reaching full capacity due to late spring rains providing anglers with fresh ground to fish over and hungry trout willing to move into very shallow water. Some excellent mayfly hatches have occurred when conditions are overcast and early morning midge hatches and evenings large caddis hatches have also been a feature.

At Hepburn I expect we will certainly see plenty of anglers throughout December and January trying to catch some of the very larger brown trout that chase mudeyes as they move into the shore to hatch into dragon flies.

Lake Burrumbeet

Apart from plenty of European carp being caught Craig Hon and his family caught some very good sized redfin with Daniel Hon catching a lovely 1kg redfin on garden worms. The guys decided on another trip three more redfin around 500g on local whitebait from the lake. Craig spoke to other anglers who also reported on catches of redfin as well. Lake Burrumbeet pre-drought was one of the best redfin waters in Victoria with anglers coming from far and wide.

Cosgroves, Dean and the Moorabool reserviors

Waters that will certainly fish well over the coming months given the right conditions very close to Ballarat are Cosgroves, Dean and the Moorabool reservoirs. Flyfishing and bait fishing will result in good catches of trout and redfin with mornings and nights providing the best opportunity.

Tullaroop Reservior

This lake near Maryborough fishes well in the early mornings and late evenings, providing anglers with the best window of opportunity to catch fish. Midge patterns are the flies of choice and after dark mudeye patterns are the go and for the bait anglers the best bait is mudeye’s suspended under bubble s floats will produce trout but for those chasing the redfin worms and yabbies fished on a running sinker rig over the deeper shorelines once again early morning and evening will be rewarded.

Lake Tooliorook

Approximately 70km from Ballarat, this lake is still producing some excellent trout up to 3kg with fly fishing, trolling lures and mudeyes fished under bubble floats giving the best catches. Anglers will need to be up very early and fish into the evening and after dark for the best results due to the clarity of the water the trout are very quiet during the middle of the day.

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