The Yarra River is fishing well from top to bottom
  |  First Published: December 2013

The Yarra River is in peachy condition and is fishing well from the top to the bottom.

Good hatches of ants and caddis and the start of a few duns are on the go in the upper reaches. Flyfishing with small dry flies like Elk Hair Caddis, Para Duns and any small (#16) emerger will get you results with an accurate cast. Day time flyfishing with bead head nymphs and an indicator will also get results.

Lure casters; it all fair game at the moment. From trout in the upper to mid reaches to native fish species from the mid the lower section, you can expect a good start to your season. Trout anglers are reporting good catches of fish on minnow style lures in size ranges from 35-65mm. Working these lures by casting up or up and across stream will increase results.

Bait drifters have been on the water for quite some time now taking advantage of the rising and falling water levels and will continue to catch trout in the system.

Moving away from scrub worm in the next few months and into grasshoppers and crickets is always a nice change but until the water settles for a long period, worms will still take the most fish.

Native fish anglers might want to look for some action in the lower to mid sections from Heidelberg to Yarra Glenn. Casting spinnerbaits is always a productive method of searching the water for likely fish spices such as Murray cod and golden perch.

If you have a kayak you might want to toss it in and start working hard structure such as fallen trees and rock bars with hardbodied lures. Don’t forget, as the hot days increase and we head towards mid summer the surface action will hot up so pack some surface lures!

Right now in the middle section for the kids and good Samaritan type anglers the carp fishing is massive. Get on down to places like Yarra Glenn, Wonga Park, Lilydale and Warrandyte with some corn, maggots and worms and have some fun smashing some carp.

Don’t forget your shovel as you’ll need to dig a hole to put them in once dispatched with a knife or spike to the brain. It’s illegal in all Victorian waters to release carp back into the water. So chop, chop!!

For more info on how best to fish this wonderful river, drop into the Compleat Angler Ringwood for all the local info.

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